News Roundup – April 2016

Apr 26, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments


1. Operation #OpsSummit2016

Operations Summit 2016 was in Cincinnati this year, and we had a blast. For those that didn’t stop by booth #415 for a conversation about shipping smarter, here is an insider’s look at the conference.”

2. Showtime: Modex Style 2016

“Minisoft recently attended MODEX 2016, also known as “The Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth.” Here are some highlights.”

3. 4 Ways to Get Your Emails Read

“Are your company’s emails falling on deaf ears? These days, we are bombarded with emails, and it often feels like we’re drowning in people vying for your time and attention. How does your company break through that noise and share your message with authenticity?”

4. How to Box Your Brand with a Subscription Service

“Visits to leading subscription box sites like Birchbox, Blue Apron and Loot are up nearly 3,000% during the last three years, according to Hitwise data. For consumers who came of age in the digital era, subscriptions models are typically for electronic media (Netflix), music (Spotify) and news (New York Times online), so the idea of subscribing to something in the physical world can be exciting and new.”

5. 5 Solutions to Boost Ecommerce Revenue and Customer Engagement

“Ever wonder if you were really getting the most out of your ecommerce site? If you have the sneaking suspicion that you aren’t, you’re probably right. Now the question is: What to do about it?”

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