Move your Image database to HP-UX, Linux, or Windows and access it using Minisoft’s ODBC for Eloquence

Minisoft’s ODBC driver for Eloquence is supported on HP-UX, Windows and Linux where those systems have Eloquence version A0700 pr6c or later with TurboImage extensions.

Flat Files Supported

The driver supports the use of Schema Editor and Catalog files. With the Schema Editor, fixed length record binary file access is supported for select, insert, delete, and update. (Supports Read and Write.)


User authentication on Unix systems is through PAM (pluggable authentication method). On Windows systems, authentication is through the Domain for Windows NT/2000/XP and Vista systems.

Summit Migration

Based upon the information you send and the Eloquence documentation, here are the possible connections you may make and a sample of a Database entry in the ODBC DSN. The Database open field of Schema Editor files would also use this syntax. List of “Image” databases

:{port number}/APCNFG.LOANAP
:{port number}/CONTRL
:{port number}/CREDIT
:{port number}/DESIGN
:{port number}/DFILES
:{port number}/DICTDB
:{port number}/LOANAP.LOANAP
:{port number}/MEMBR2
:{port number}/MEMBRS

List of Port Numbers

8202 - LIVE
8203 - TEST
8204 - TRAIN

Sample showing the MEMBRS database in the TRAIN account

Database Name