Cross platform connectivity

Minisoft Javelin is a new class of Java connectivity software delivering secure legacy host access through the convenient point and click interface of your Web browser. Organizations can easily integrate mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with web based technologies. Javelin provides universal access to legacy host computer systems by offering precise emulation of IBM 3270, IBM 5250, VT320, and HP700/92 terminals in a single Java client. Users can choose to operate Javelin as a thin client Java applet, or install it as a standalone client under Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX or Macintosh operating systems. Javelin is small in size but rich in features. In addition to offering a wide selection of terminal emulations, Javelin includes a powerful scripting language, SSH Secure Shell connectivity, and Transport Layer Security (TLS).


  • HP700/92, VT320, IBM 5250, IBM 3270 terminal emulations
  • Customized to work with Stromasys CHARON MPE Emulators
  • SSH – Secure Shell, NS/VT, Telnet network connectivity
  • NS/VT + SSH connectivity
  • Operates on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, HP/UX
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari internet browsers
  • Keyboard remapping
  • User defined function keys
  • 80 & 132 column display
  • Scripting language (Termtalk) for automated login, logoff, program execution
  • Configurable colors and screen display attributes
  • Multi-page scroll back memory
  • Screen printing, pass through printing, and printing through operating system

System Requirements

  • Java 5.0 or more recent
  • Network connection

Release Notes

Version 4.0d   November 10, 2006




1. The option of running Javelin in the browser by adding the parameter ‘browserframe’. The parameters ‘width’ and ‘height’ control the size of Javelin in the browser. Depending on your web page is if you need the parameters at all. The drawback to running Javelin in the browser is that you lose the Menu bar.

<applet codebase=”./” archive=”j92.jar” code=”J92.class” width=80% height=80%>
<param name=”cabbase” value=””>
<param name=”Config” value=”default.j92″>
<param name=browserframe value=true>

2. Added a Configuration option to map a key to any of the pull down menu items.

MAP ALT E TO MENUCOMMAND “Print to End of Page”
MAP ALT D TO MENUCOMMAND “Print All Display Memory”
MAP ALT C TO MENUCOMMAND “Print Memory from Cursor”

Version 3.2   April 26, 2006




  • The j92.jar file is now contains the code for running Javelin standalone or the secure version through the JES server. You can either copy j92.jar to j92sec.jar and/or j92run.jar to maintain the old method of accessing the files or just change your script or web page to access j92.jar.


Minor fixes and recompiled to fix problems caused by Sun VM 1.5.0_6


Version 3.1b   December 6, 2004




Added the runtime parameters login1, login2, login3. These parameters can be added to your html code and will be executed in order once a connection is made. The following example logs onto an HP3000 and runs a program.

<h1>Javelin-HP Emulator by MiniSoft</h1>
<applet codebase=”./” archive=”j92.jar” code=”J92.class” id=”J92″>
<param name=”cabbase” value=””>
<param name=”Config” value=”testpass.j92″>
<param name=”login1″ value=”hello mark,mgr.minisoft,mark”>
<param name=”login2″ value=”xxxxxx”>
<param name=”login3″ value=”run msapp”
<h1>Do not close this window while Javelin is running.</h1>

NOTE: If using these runtime parameters all LOGIN properties added to your configuration file must be removed.


Version 3.1   September 21, 2004




  • Using the Sun Security model now. There should not be anymore errors about the outdated Netscape security model.


Set the Function Key foreground and background colors:



 Version 3.0a   July 20, 2004,




Default is ON. When set to OFF this command prevents the user from clicking X to close Javelin. This forces them to exit whatever application they are in and log off normally. If the underlying browser or command window is closed Javelin will still close.

This command replaces BUFFERTEXT ON. If you have BUFFERTEXT ON in your configuration file delete it and replace it with SCROLLBYBUFFER. This command fixes various display problems with complex block mode and character mode screens.

The following commands apply to SUN VM version 1.4.1 or greater only. The new print routine will probably eliminate the need to use configuration options PRINTMARGIN and PRINTTOPMARGIN.

The default printer for the PC will be used and the user will not be prompted for a printer.

The printer dialog box is displayed the first time a user tries to print..

The printer dialog box is displayed everytime a user tries to print.

 Version 2.8e   April 21, 2004




  • Fixed a problem when the result code was not being returned when doing a host initiated file transfer.

 Version 2.8f   April 28, 2004




PRINTTOPMARGIN <number of rows>
This is primarily for SUN VM users. Adds the specified number of blank lines to the top of every page.


 Version 2.8e   April 21, 2004




  • Fixed a problem when the result code was not being returned when doing a host initiated file transfer.

 Version 2.8c   April 6, 2002




  • When doing a host initiated file transfer using the RECEIVE command, the local file path can be enclosed in double quotes to allow spaces in folder or file names.


 Version 2.8b   March 3, 2004




  • Fixed a problem where the translation table was not loading correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying a screen with the SECURE attribute being embedded in the attribute escape sequence.


 Version 2.8a   February 5, 2002




  • Fixed a problem where the result code was being returned during a host initiated file transfer and it should not have been.


 Version 2.8   November 25, 2003




The color configuration options have been expanded to make more sense to non-hp programmers. The old version (FGCOLOR @ etc) will still work. The new settings are as follows:

FGCOLOR [attributes] [color]
BGCOLOR [attributes] [color]

where color has the options it had previously and attributes are as follows:



Example: FGCOLOR “BOLD” red

Shows text as red on white when the bold attribute has been set and no other attributes are in effect.



  • Fixed a problem when using multiple LOGIN commands.
  • Fixed screen display problems when connecting via Telnet.


 Version 2.6l   October 29, 2003




PRINTMARGIN <number of columns>
This is primarily for Linux users. When doing screen prints the left margin is padded with the number of spaces specified.


  • Fixed a problem with file transfers where Javelin would hang and the transfer box would not close if you canceled the transfer.
  • Now works when run from Netscape (version 6) as an applet. This was tested using Sun Java version 1.4.2_01


 Version 2.6k   June 30, 2003




KEEPALIVE <seconds>
A special NS/VT packet will be sent every time <seconds> pass without a transmission to the host. For example KEEPALIVE 60 would sent a packet every time 60 seconds passed without a transmission to the host. This is primarily for users who need to stay connected but are being timed out due to inactivity.


 Version 2.6i   February 4, 2003




Support for host initiated file transfers. The supported commands are RECEIVE and S (send). The syntax for each is as follows:

RECEIVE <pcfile> FROM <host file> [ASCII][BINARY]


S <pcfile> TO <host file> [ASCII][BINARY] REC=<size> [DELETE]



 Version 2.6h   January 21, 2003


  • Fixed problems with screen refresh when connecting to HP/UX boxes.
  • Fixed performance problems when using Sun VM.


 Version 2.6g   January 6, 2003




Fixed a problem where the screen item was not receiving focus when using the mouse to click a function key button that took you to a new screen.


 Version 2.6g   December 12, 2002




Sets default typing to capital letters. Using the <shift> key will display lower case letters. This is a software enhancement. The Caps Lock light will not go on nor will the Caps Lock button have any effect. This may not work correctly with some translation tables.


  • Fixed a problem where the screen item was not receiving focus when using the mouse to click a function key button that took you to a new screen.


 Version 2.6f   November 18, 2002




  • The numeric keypad keys ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, and DIVIDE can be remapped.


  • Tab key now works with Sun’s VM version 1.4.1_01. Other display issues when running on Linux boxes have been cleaned up.


 Version 2.6e   November 5, 2002




  • If the user presses Enter when the function key message is present, the key is treated as if it was return followed by enter.
  • A special packet is sent in NS/VT mode to tell the host to disconnect, in cases where the user closes Javelin without logging off.


 Version 2.6c   October 11, 2002





If this line is found in the configuration file, and a message is displayed in place of the function key labels, and the user presses the ENTER key, the message will cleared and the ENTER key otherwise ignored.


 Version 2.6c   October 1, 2002




The display stays left justified as the font resizes due to changes in the screen size.

Javelin was not responding correctly to programmatic commands to resize from 80 to 132 columns.

The only values recognized by the IDSTRING property are 2392 and 70092. These values must be in quotes, for example:
IDSTRING “70092”


 Version 2.6b   September 10, 2002





The default value is OFF. When this is set, in block mode the screen will not be updated until a Read is received from the Host, indicating that the host is ready for input and that presumably it has therefore finished painting the screen. This enhancement speeds up the display of block mode screens.


SCREEN80 and SCREEN132 parameters now cause Javelin to start up with the font specified instead of the default font used by Javelin.


 Version 2.6a   August 19, 2002


Support for File Transfers. This is the MiniSoft file transfer protocol compatible with WS92LINK, using large blocks and no compression. Works with MPE only, not hp/ux hosts. The host file transfer program must be present on the host system – a facility exists within MiniSoft 92 for Windows to upload it.


There are four new configuration file properties:
UPLOADCHARS <upload translation table>
DOWNLOADCHARS <download translation table>

If FTPROG is not defined the file transfer menu will not appear. If it is defined, and it is an applet version, the user will be asked to confirm the ability to read and write local files (java sandbox protection).

If FTASCII is turned on the default will be ASCII file transfers

UPLOADCHARS ansirom8.tbl
DOWNLOADCHARS rom8ansi.tbl


 Version 2.5i  April 10, 2002


Support for Security Display Enhancement added.



 Version 2.5h  March 21, 2002


Support for Triple-DES encryption in the secure version. Use:


ENCRYPT DES (or ENCRYPT ON for backwards compatibility) for 40 bit DES

ENCRYPT TRIPLEDES for triple DES encryption.

ENCRYPT OFF to disable encryption.

NOTE: No change is needed to JES, which already supported both types.


 Version 2.5g  January 4, 2002


Buffered up xfer writes to prevent the next read arriving before we have finished writing.



 Version 2.5f  December 5, 2001


Implemented CAPS and CAPS LOCK sequences



 Version 2.5e  November 12, 2001


Internal changes.



Version 2.5d   October 24, 2001


  • Parameters from the configuration file can now be included in the html code.
    Note that the LOGIN command has been replaced by LOGIN1 LOGIN2 LOGIN3 to specify specific strings (e.g. HELLO string, password string, and program to run)
  • Added PLAYFILE option in the config file, which plays back an event trace.


Version 2.5c  July 2, 2001


  • Refresh cursor position after interpretting a key mapped to a string, in case the string was a cursor positioning sequence.
  • Fix for Euro symbol.
  • Added SCRDELAY command. This causes a sleep() after changing screen size to let the Sun Java catch up. SCRDELAY 2000 waits for 2 seconds.


Version 2.5b   June 6, 2001


Added packet capture information. This should be used under the direction of Minisoft’s technical support.


PACKFILE <fname>

The file name should be fully qualified.


Version 2.5   April 25, 2001


  • Added Special key option to Toggle between 80 and 132 cold display
  • Added to new terminal key WIDTHTOGGEL MAP <modifier> <PC key> TO KEY <terminal key>


    Each time that F11 is used the width would change between 80 and 132 columns.


 Version 2.4   April 5, 2001


  • 8364 mapped to 128 for Euro character
  • Fix for screen relative positioning (growth power)
  • New Updated Manual.


 Version 2.3   March 2, 2001


Event file created if EVTFILE [fname] specified. Need to use \\ for \ (e.g. EVTFILE “D:\\TEST.EVT”). 

 Version 2.2   February 12, 2001


  • Fix for updating screen when characters typed in format mode
  • Corrected width allowed for scroll bar
  • Fix for Exit file menu command
  • Option not to display function keys: HIDEFKEYS ON
  • Printer font shown in font debug screen
  • Cursor position in format mode
  • Default font to be Courier
  • Translate foreign characters in function key labels
  • Fix for increase buffer sizes in NSVT
  • Fix for displaying message in place of function key labels
  • Configuration Command TYPEAHEAD ON


 Version 2.1.h   December 15, 2000


  • Default font to be Courier
  • Fix for Exit file menu command
  • Option not to display function keys: HIDEFKEYS ON
  • Printer font shown in font debug screen
  • Cursor position in format mode
  • Fix for updating screen when characters typed in format mode
  • Corrected width allowed for scroll bar
  • Fix for VSCROLL132
  • Some internal changes for Web Dimension, that will require re-testing.
  • LOAD command parameter converted to lower case.
  • In VT320 version, fix for double-wide characters.
  • Version 2.1.g October 4 2000
  • Fix for setting initial focus to terminal screen (was only a problem with Windows 2000)
  • Uses “Courier” as the printer font instead of “monospaced”
  • Work around for invalid function key escape sequence in SGA


 Version 2.1.f   September 1, 2000


  • Fix for NS/VT hang when Tell/Warn message received. (Pre-emptive messages)
  • Fix for LOAD command when completion codes disabled not to send “S”
  • New Optional Configuration file commands. By using these commands in the configuration file, they will replace or override the <param names=> Hostname, Hostport and Protocol in the HTML file.
    1. HOSTNAME <“IP or Node name”>
    2. HOSTNAME “”
    3. PORT <Port Number>
    4. PORT 1570
    5. PORT 23
    6. NSVT <ON/OFF>
    7. NSVT ON Protocol is NSVT
    8. NSVT OFF Protocol is TELNET


 Version 2.1.e   August 22, 2000


Added block cursor option BLOCKCURSOR ON or BLOCKCURSOR OFF (default) 

 Version 2.1.d   August 1, 2000


  • Fixed problems with insert line, and scrolling
  • Fixed clear line and clear screen to not clear display enhancements in format mode.
  • Version to 2.1c June 29 2000
  • Fix for not changing to 132 columns from 80 with in a program
  • Fix for telnet reading 8 bit characters instead of only 7 bits
  • Fix for printer control sequences to work that was broken in 2.1b


 Version 2.1b   May 11, 2000


  • Fix long delay that looked like hangs
  • Added scroll bar to display window.
  • The commands added to the configuration file are:


 Version 2.0u   March 25, 2000


  • Fix for linux, which apparently can’t get the user’s Internet name
  • Re-instated FKEY command
  • Colors setting have been moved from the HTML to the configuration file


 Version 2.0t   February 19, 2000


Fix for showing function key labels 

 February 14, 2000


  • Fixed typeahead
  • Defaults to non-secure version
  • Fixed showing user keys on start-up if specified