Output Management



Server: Windows Server (2012 and later), Linux, AIX, HP-UX, iSeries/AS400, Apple OS X and OpenVMS
Workstation: Windows 10 and later, macOS High Sierra and later

eFORMz is a powerful forms generation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering application output. eFORMz takes standard print output from a software application system and transforms it into attractive, functional forms that can be distributed via print, email, an archive provider and/or a fax server. eFORMz can also populate forms directly from a corporate database.


eDIRECT+ transforms generic, plain-text event-triggered email into highly branded and personalized messages. These messages are capable of driving incremental revenue through relevant cross and up-sell offers. eDIRECT+ extends the business logic of your existing e-commerce or ERP system to dynamically create specialized messages that properly reflect your company’s identity.


The host-based network print spooler that extends HP e3000, Unix, and Windows NT spooling to networked printers. 



The Minisoft JDBC (Java™ Data Base Connectivity) driver lets any programmer write applications in Java™ to access MPE flat files, KSAM files, Image, and TurboIMAGE databases using standard SQL statements.

ODBC for Image & Eloquence

With Minisoft’s ODBC driver you can have direct access to Image and TurboImage databases without having to incur the overhead of Allbase or Image/SQL. Move your Image database to HP-UX, Linux, or Windows and access it using Minisoft’s ODBC for Eloquence. Minisoft’s ODBC driver for Eloquence is supported on HP-UX, Windows and Linux where those systems have Eloquence version A0700 pr6c or later with TurboImage extensions.


Building Client/Server Applications with OLE DB Provider for Image and Eloquence.


MiddleMan is a powerful software development tool designed for building client/server applications for the HPe3000. MiddleMan combines the freedom, flexibility and distributed processing power of the PC with the centralized control and maintenance of host systems.



Minisoft Javelin is a new class of Java connectivity software delivering secure legacy host access through the convenient point and click interface of your Web browser. Organizations can easily integrate mission-critical information residing on legacy systems with web based technologies.


Minisoft 3270 Secure

TN3270 Terminal Emulation with SSL & TLS Secure Support.

Minisoft 5250 Secure

TN5250 Terminal Emulation with SSL & TLS Secure Support


Secure 92

Secure 92 is the complete terminal emulation and data communications package. Featuring precise emulation of HP2392A, HP700/92, HP700/96, HP700/98, HP ANSI, VT100, and VT320 CRT terminals. Secure 92 provides users with a powerful connectivity tool that combines the flexibility of the PC environment with the power of host computing.

Minisoft 92 for Mac

MS92 for the Mac allows your Macintosh to access the data, applications, and storage capacity of your Hewlett-Packard e3000 or other host computers, just as if you were using the HP700/92 terminal.


A powerful Terminal Emulation ActiveX Control, Minisoft’s Terminal OCX permits programmers to control all aspects of a terminal emulation session. The display of a functional 700/92 screen or any of the data from it is controlled by a set of methods, events and properties.

Pocket 92



A powerful Terminal Emulation ActiveX Control, Minisoft’s Terminal OCX permits programmers to control all aspects of a terminal emulation session.

Pocket 320

Make Wireless Connections to your UNIX and VAX hosts with Pocket 320.