TN3270 Terminal Emulation with SSL & TLS Secure Support

TN3270’s new features include support for OpenSSL to provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols. This supports the START TLS operation as defined in IETF drafts to negotiate encrypted communication, permitting use with dynamic in addition to dedicated SSL host ports.

The smartest investment in terminal emulation

Just one look tells you that Minisoft connectivity is the smartest investment you can make in terminal emulation.

So if you think the price of IBM Mainframe terminal emulation is too high, now is the time to look at Minisoft 3270. *Now supporting Windows 10!

Version from October 2017 includes support for TLS 1.2

• Select TLS/SSL encryption of Request or Require
• Press Configure then select the Client Method of TLS1_2


  • SSL & TLS Secure support
  • Accurate emulation
  • Easy session management
  • Fast screen updates
  • Host printing ( 3270E )
  • IND$FILE transfer
  • Keyboard mapping
  • Script language
  • User configurable toolbar


Full IBM 3278/9 Models 2-5 terminals and 3287, 3270E printer emulation

  • IND$FILE file transfer for CICS, CMS, and TSO environments
  • Reliable high-speed FTP network file transfer
  • Windows 16-bit and 32-bit versions shipped together
  • Extensive network support for TCP/IP (TN3270 & TN3270E).
  • Keyboard mapping, DDE, OLE, multiple sessions, powerful scripting language, key recorder, and on-line help
  • Minisoft 3270 is the ideal choice for companies looking for an inexpensive yet powerful mainframe connectivity package. So why pay more for other brands of terminal emulation, especially with the volume discounts and site-licensing options offered by Minisoft.
  • An IBM 3270 terminal emulator designed specifically for the Windows operating system.
  • MS3270 has a full array of features to support reliable / fast host access to your IBM mainframe using the Internet. Its small footprint, lightning fast load, quick screen update (the fastest of any emulator we can find), and easy-to use connection interface takes the burden out of host access.
  • With its low cost and free technical support, MS3270 can reduce your financial burden for implementing reliable host access.
  • Installation is quick and easy. You can select installation to a single PC or network server. MS3270 is also compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server.

Session Management and FTP Utilities

With easy-to-use session management, a full set of features, and a comprehensive array of FTP utilities, MS3270 includes all the tools necessary for productive host access, Internet management, and file transfer.

The innovative Session Manager enables creation, modification, and saving of named sessions, including associated settings. Sessions may be started by clicking on an icon in the program group or from the session manager inside the program. The session manager automatically adds or deletes session icons whenever sessions are created or deleted.

File Transfer

File transfer is included and supports Write Structured Field and Cutmode protocol. Both ASCII and binary transfers are available.

The FTP client enables connections to remote systems for browsing through directories and files. File transfers in either direction are supported.

A traditional FTP interface (Shown to the right) and a FTP utility with an Explorer interface are included.


Print screen, and host ( 3270 Extended / 3278 ) printing are supported. Both named LU and generic LU printing are available.

System Requirements

  • PROCESSOR: Pentium or compatible PC
  • RAM: 16 MB minimum
  • VIDEO: Windows 95 or NT 4.0 compatible adapter, 800×600 resolution or higher recommended
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 95 or later.
  • I/O: TCP/IP network connection

Release Notes

Version 2.00.123

– support for interactive sessions using TLS V1 and SSL V3 telnet connections

– a Message History display allows the user to view recent status messages and other  information

– user can now select among drawn shapes to mark empty input positions, or select a font character

– fixed a bug that could hide the first column of a displayable field  declared using  StartFieldExtended in last column of preceding row

– extra data not in clipboard was sometimes pasted to the display

– added support that was missing for HLLAPI Get Key keystroke intercepts

– return 9 (API_SYSTEM_ERROR) from HLLAPI Get Key when connected E-Term session is removed

– added ability to ignore host generated print requests.

– fixed conflict between the 3270 PA<n> keys and the 5250 RollUp, RollDown                    and FieldExit keys.

– added translation for Code Page 1047 Latin-1.

– fixed problem with Enterprise build not finding registry entry.


Version 2.00.116 (CD Release)

User visible changes

– V2.00 build 116

– added TLS/SSL network connect support

– changed DScript run message to “Script File Running” instead of “error code”

– resized empty input some boxes, fixed position array reset to zero before use

– version changes: IBM to V2.00, Enterprise to V4.00

– added an ellipse to empty ImgView input markers, selection in MiscSup

– added status/output message history TextOutputDialogBar to MainFrm

– added group in Session Setup dialog to control TLS/SSL startup, configuration


– add support for encryption key option bit

– added ArTags item for CStrings, new function ReadCountedObject

– changed ConnectAutoSettings SPN from beta test to regular data

– ConnectAutoSettings in session var serialize changed to use ReadCountedObject

– fixed ImgView font resizing logic flaw that could produce infinite loop

– modified MainFrm for telnet START_TLS, Read/Write via TLSOpenSSL connection

– added settings-modified callback to pass to lower level code

– check product key in NMT to see if TLSconn.DLL should be loaded

– added CeTLSSettings to session vars in TnEmu document

Version 1.30.114-115 (Interim TLS/SSL betas)

User visible changes:

– TLS betas sent to customers

Version 1.30.113 (CD Release)

User visible changes

– added checkboxes to Printing Settings  for Local Copy null line suppression and host start-printer buffering

Version 1.30.112 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– changed support for 3270 WCC Start Printer bit, initially defaulting to buffering consecutive copy-images until keyboard unlock is received

– modified image print to suppress lines containing all nulls per SNA behavior


– modified screen image print to buffer and flush buffered data to printer on request

– code to store static header data fields in cyclic trace memory not finished, set field lengts to zero to disable memcpy()s until code can be finished.

Version 1.30.111 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– added support for Start-printer bit in 3270 WCC

Version 1.30.110 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fix exit crash when disconnecting from within session dialog when Close On Disconnect was enabled.

Version 1.30.109 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– added dialog input prompt string in braces for $SP<n>{prompt} parameters in Script_TypeString()

– added $SP<n> substitution to Script_StartApp()


– made Script_TypeString() update corresponding $SP<n> value with user input when input dialog is used because $SP<n> still had no data after the user input

.Version 1.30.108 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– linear clipboard past was using 3270 code when in 5250 mode

– Insert function was ignoring monocase attribute

– re-implemented /SP<n> command line arguments that were discarded in first E-Term edits to NMT code.

– updated HLLAPIclient.txt to mention the C command line sample program

– finished converting command line sample client to actual C code from C++.


– Added important comment at the point in InitInstance() where session startup scripts actually start running while still in InitInstance().  Need to fix potential race condition when any startup code beyond that point is delayed.

Version 1.30.107 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– added support to use a default Kerberos service name for sign-on ticket


Version 1.30.106 (Customer Beta Release)

User visible changes

– added OS/400 Kerberos single-sign-on support

Version 1.30.105 (Interim Release)


– moved a TN3270IO.CPP variable into #ifdef DEBUG clause to get rid of a warning in release builds

– moved serialize archive tag support code to artags.h, added size-prefixing support for serialized objects

– reworked half-implemented telnet environment variables to allow proper funtionality

– added preliminary implementation for auto sign-on using kerberos ticket

– fix for replay emulation mode settings

Version 1.30.104 (Interim Release)


– fixed WSFCount state to understand zero in length of a structured field

– temp disable drop-down choice for empty input fill until finalized for release

– fixed trace file replay detection of enhanced mode from ##model lines

– fix for invalid 3270 DS length per.

Version 1.30.103 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fixed WSF Erase/Reset to obey default/alternate indicator in flags

– changed EW and EWA commands to not change screen size when received inside a WSF Outbound DS


– mode fixes for recording and replaying trace files

Version 1.30.102 (Interim Release)


– preliminary enhancements for Empty Input Markes not based on using a selected character

– fixed the screen size changes for Trace Replays

– replay #!skip was missing eof or #!end if no #!resume seen first and would hang without terminating

Version 1.30.101 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fixed control key latching in keymapper dialog to not report error because a control key button was pressed after shift/alt was latched

– changed CKeyMapDialog::InitKeys() to use renamed StringToUSWiredKeyCode() to generate internationalized key characters



– fix copy constructor for CMappedKey to use KeyCodeString in passed CMappedKey when present instead of always generating one from the KeyCode

– change CMappedKey deserialize to generate KeyCode from current language key for the KeyCodeString, values saved from our hardwired key table are wrong for non-US languages

– CKeyMap::FindKeyStringIndex() was converting KeyCodeString to a KeyCode then failing to locate the key because the KeyCode didn’t match the language being used, made it actually use the KeyCodeString like the function name implies

– added CKeyMapDialog::GetKeycapStr() to get the internationalized character for the dialog keycaps that change between languages instead of always using the hard-coded US key characters

– change StringToKeyCode in DEFKEY.CPP to first use VKey of current language setting, then if not a language key to use our table of key names

Version 1.30.100 (CD Release)

User visible changes

– added UI update to gray out menu item for File Transfer\Setup when in 5250 mode

– fixed bug where attribute character without underscore enabled was not clearing it in the existing screen image attribute

– added trace file replay to hostprint

– add dialog controls so hostprint test pages permit more portrait/landscape control, text file input

– final changes for release of more meaningful hostprint page layout/margin settings

– fixed hostprint bug that produced blank extra lines

– fixed hostprint crash caused by empty or non-existent spool file

– internal hostprint document title name would sometimes get set as leading data of full path instead of just file name as required, then generate error when file was not found

– fixed hostprint bug that would lose host data for bottom line of page image

– added setting to have hostprint ignore leading FF at start of print job data

– improved hostprint command line parse to honor quotes, accept options

– fixed broken links from emulator/hostprint to help, added new dialog changes to help



– cleanup headers in log/trace replay modules so they can compile in hostprint

– moved space-delimited command parameter parse code from NMT.CPP to ECL_temp

– hostprint test for existing settings file no longer succeeds when name is only a directory or volume specification

– changed some debug output configuration

Version 1.30.096 (Customer Beta Release)

User visible changes

– removed remaining printout width parameter sharing where output column width in prsetup.cpp was improperly used as column width while parsing host data into the page Image array.

– added a new value to use for wrapping incoming host data at a specified column


– additional changes for full support for V2 product keys, previously only accepted from user at install time

– modify HLLAPI client samples to not depend on the original demo step of starting the E-Term process

Version 1.30.095 (Customer Beta Release)

User visible changes

– initial Hostprint page/layout sizing changes


– added support for upgrade option in product key

Version 1.30.094 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– added Preference setting to limit local keyboard locking on 3270 input errors

– made telnet NOP and TIMING-MARK available as active client connection keepalives


– added call in PreTranslateMessage debug output to use windows function to get a name string for the key in lParam

Version 1.30.093 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fixed OnDraw() bug that failed to show display data followed by non-display


– added debugging help code to diagnose keymapper internationalization bug

Version 1.30.092 (Interim Release)User visible changes

– newline fix in build 57 change from InFieldArea() call to InInputArea() was moving to the non-input position of fields started at beginning of line.


– added keyboard input replay check to 5250 keyboard input

Version 1.30.091 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– made C buildable command line version of HLLAPI client sample program

– fixed Send Key HLLAPI call to work when sending regular characters before a single escaped keystroke

– added checkbox for close on disconnect to connect dialog

– new options /HLLAPI= and /LUNAME= passed to doc before emulator startup auto connect

– previously unused functions available in emulator added to NIAPI SendKey() mnemonic list

– updated copyright display text for through date of 2004

– added more functions/options to IBMAPI client lib support for starting the emulator.


– moved close on disconnect setting from registry to session file

– connect dialog port number range check fixed to not break VC resource editor

– added modules from ECL for some lexical parsing support

– added parameter to pass caller-defined ctype array to ECL scan_string()

– replace ECL scan_string() keepquotes arg with options mask

– fixed a problem where 8-bit garbage in command line args was stalling scan_cmdstring_lexemes()

– added ECL scan_string() KEEPCASE option to inhibit upcasing outside of quotes

Version 1.30.090 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– created new IBMAPI client support C library sources and client app sample code

– fixed HLLAPI Send Key lparam setup for escaped at sign “@@” to OR in the character flag instead of the character mask

– fixed Send Key HLLAPI call to work when sending regular characters before a single escaped keystroke

– added a Win32 signal event in emulator to let IBMAPI clients query HLLAPI readiness

Version 1.30.089 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– new ECL-like argument literal parsing in DScript.cpp

– added optional row and column script parms to TextInImage(), NoTextInImage()

– script CaptureImage() changed to accept different left/right delimiters

– fix for hidden underscores was preventing some displayable data from painting, removed DisplayBit(attr) check in ImgView::OnDraw() from all but first attribute change body

– added mapper token to toggle application menu from keyboard, ctrl-alt-M

– CTnEmuDoc::CopyToClipboard() was missing some data if not cutting unprotected

Version 1.30.086 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fixed Hostprint bug where customer trace showed SCS_EM being treated the same as SCS_FF

– trim EOF character from end of received IND$FILE transfers using CRLF option

– make use in CImageView::OnDraw() of display attribute bit that was being tracked but otherwise ignored to fix problem displaying underscores for fields that are non-displayable


– added local data indication in image buffer to characters added by paste operations

– removed extra newlines from some tracefile output

– added more debugging trace output and support routines to dump the image data buffer w/ attributes

– changed SetFieldAttributes and SetNewFieldAttributes functions from #defines to CTnEmuDoc members

Version 1.30.084 (CD Release)

User visible changes

– changed sound call for alarm beep from internal speaker output to use system default sound mapping

– trim EOF character from end of received IND$FILE transfers using CRLF option

Version 1.30.083 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– start of Header Order would sometimes leave invalid data in the display buffer at start of old field position when clearing format table

– system menu would not have item to restore application menu when hidden and E-Term was started with autoconnect

Version 1.30.082 (CD Release)

User visible changes

– fixed HostPrint failure to load some settings when a session file is passed as a startup parameter

Version 1.30.081 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– added support for variables in scripting Typestring() function, ”USERNAME’ and ”HOSTNAME’

Version 1.30.080 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– fixed Field Exit problem when in last digit position of signed numeric fields

Version 1.30.079 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– changed copyright end date in HostPrint to 2003

– removed a double translation from EBCDIC to ASCII in HostPrint 3270 Repeat-to-Adress orders

Version 1.30.078 (CD Release)

User visible changes:

– added field attribute logic to insert mode paste


– added Telnet NOP response for final RFC keepalive operation

Version 1.30.076 (Interim Release)

User visible changes

– changed copyright end date from 2001 to 2003

– fixed NewLine operation in 5250 to move to next line instead of next field

– paste operations now honor insert mode, insert supercedes block mode

– added explicit screen refresh after file transfer dialog exits

– added 2s timer to suppress disconnected status message when host disconnects and session is configured to auto-reconnect; if not connected or connecting after 2s, status line is set to “Disconnected”

– added page orientation override to printing settings dialog

– add option in printing settings to save print comment heading with session

– keystrokes other than select/print screen operations now cancel any existing selection on screen


– added local data indication in image buffer to characters added by paste operations

– fixed the way attributes are carried forward while shifting existing data in InsertFieldChar

– added preliminary keepalive: TIMING-MARK,TCP keepalive, but not telnet NOP

– AutoSave on Exit was not reliably saving settings; added a modified data indication to Session Variables, linked to doc

Version 1.30.075 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– fixed menu accelerator key settings in preferences that did not work properly for Off and Alt Key Only

Internal None.

Version 1.30.074 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– none


– changed places where WSF_TRANSFER logic was setting bFirstParameter as 0x00 to WSF_UNDEFINED(0xFF) so new WSFCount state switch case for WSF_RP (0x00) won’t invoke erroneous SF Reset Partition commands

Version 1.30.073 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– none


– IOtrace additional locations of 3270/5250mode changes

– added preliminary handling for WSF SetReplyMode,ResetPartition from host

– use new reply mode information to control ReadImage operations

Version 1.30.072 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– none


– changed end of Tn3270HostInput to only call PrepareAndRefreshImage() when state is FirstByte or MsgHeaderState to fix screen paint errors when split across more than one TCP packet

– added info header at beginning of trace files

– changed IO traces to show bytes actually written by send() calls

Version 1.30.071 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– image refresh was damaging attributes when it occurred in the middle of a screen update that was split across two telnet packets

– fixed field attribute checks for SA_ORDER and RA_ORDER that were starting at character position about to be overwritten instead of preceding positions


– none

Version 1.30.069 (CD Release)

User visible changes:

– none


– corrected format of model change in tracefiles that caused replay to miss the event

– make trace replay always perform model setup when event occurs during replay

– disable use of RA_ORDER in ReadImage() that appears to cause problems with Partena “Tubes” front-end session switching software

Version 1.30.067 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– set default key mappings for PA1, 2, 3 to Ctrl-1, 2, 3


– added 3270/5250 model state tracking to trace playback

– log data bytes of async writes in addition to previous count-only tracing

– added EmitRepeatedChar() for ReadImage() to generate RA_ORDER in buffer reads

– added EmitSetAttributes() for ReadImage() to generate SA_ORDER in buffer reads

– changed some #define’d function bodies to actual CTnEmuDoc member functions

Version 1.30.065 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– added FileTransfer toolbar button

– save full path of last local file used in transfer instead of just the name


– enhanced ReadImage() to use SFE_ORDER instead of SF_ORDER for extended fields

Version 1.30.064 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– change hostprint default paper from hardwired A4 to localized system default

– connect dialog was limiting connection port number to 32764 instead of 65535


– none

Version 1.30.063 (CD/Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– added OIA

– changed bevel highlight color for hotspots

– reduce draw overhead and some flickering when painting crosshairs

– fixed crosshair erase bug caused by field changes on screen while “move to unprotected” setting was enabled

– fixed some errors in color selection when painting blinking attributes

– fixed session manager to properly gray out settings when accessing properties for non-writeable session files


– fixed missing bitfields widths in HotSpotSettings save operation

– added code to install-time “/R” option to grant access to settings directories

– removed uses of old-style MGC exception macro DELETE_EXCEPTION(e)

– moved registry entry of FTP client app pointer from user-specific keys to E-Term application keys so “File Transfer” menu item would not be disabled for users who did not run the installation on Win2K/XP

– added spooling directory search list to HostPrint, protected application directory was causing print failures

Version 1.30.062 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– none


– pending edits disabled for customer testing build

– added clipboard operations and mouse cursor moves to IO trace

Version 1.30.061 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– track distinction between host/user filled fields for dot-fill operation

– change dot-fill to replace host spaces in addition to nulls in unprotected input


– removed test information output used for dot fill development

Version 1.30.059 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– fixed length calculation error during mouse select

– cut was not properly erasing unprotected screen data

– added preliminary 5250 Roll operation

Version 1.30.058 (CD Release)

User visible changes:

– added LogTraceFileDialog to provide cyclic buffer size in Record Trace File

– draw underline instead of using underline font that gapped w/ var pitch fonts

– added fixed-pitch font Typeface Name selection to Setup\Printing settings

– added dot fill in unproteced fields to Setup\Preferences

– variable pitch ImageTextOut() routine updated to also provide PrintTextOut()

– added Help buttons to dialogs for HotSpotSetup and PrintingSettings

Version 1.30.057 (Interim Release)


– fixed buffer size calculation that was making some file transfers fail


Version 1.30.056 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– changed default to FALSE for block past halt on protected so that previous behavior won’t change w/o user requesting it

– added setting to halt block-mode paste operations at rows starting w/ protected screen data at left paste margin

– added “Paste Next” functionality

– reordered tabbing sequence of Preferences dialog

– changed mouse dialog button action drop-down-list to allow arbitrary order of entries

– fixed default for toolbar buttons to enable original fixed buttons when no settings file exists


– removed references to a test dialog that MSVC automatically checked in

Version 1.30.057 (Interim Release)


– fixed buffer size calculation that was making some file transfers fail

Version 1.30.056 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– changed default to FALSE for block past halt on protected so that previous behavior won’t change w/o user requesting it

– added setting to halt block-mode paste operations at rows starting w/ protected screen data at left paste margin

– added “Paste Next” functionality

– reordered tabbing sequence of Preferences dialog

– changed mouse dialog button action drop-down-list to allow arbitrary order of entries

– fixed default for toolbar buttons to enable original fixed buttons when no settings file exists


– removed references to a test dialog that MSVC automatically checked in

Version 1.30.055 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– changed SettingsFileLocal “Yes” that was resulting in NO to correct digit “1”

– added PrintingSettingsDlg

– added setting to control font resize when host changes row/column count

– moved printing settings from preferences to new dialog

– Font Setup dialog can now Apply without closing and Cancel to original setting


– re-applied setting to create browse data, 1st attempt resulted in .DSP files that wouldn’t bother to compile source before attempting link.

Version 1.30.054 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– interim test build 054 to fix excess translation to EBCDIC when doing IND$FILE transfer to host

Version 1.30.053 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– changes to limit the number of non-text fonts being shown in setup dialog

– added section to .INI file for naming settings files to load, currently supports MenuSettings files

– added support to display text using variable-pitch fonts

– made Connect dialog readonly when ProductControl PO_SETTINGSLOCKED asserted

– disable session file editing buttons when PO_SETTINGSLOCKED

– added PO_SETTINGSLOCKED, [Product Options] SettingsLocked

– added support for entering/modifying comment to print at top of screen images


– preliminary edits to provide an “Apply” button in the font setup dialog

– get menu settings from E-Termxxx.INI instead of MenuSettings.INI

Version 1.30.052 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– disabled repeat of left control key when mapped as a functioning

keystroke, temp fix for some users until key mapper can manage user-defined


Version 1.30.051 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– added Comment display to toolbar


Version 1.30.050 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– made all toolbar buttons available for hiding/showing in setup

– menu bar “Connect” accelerator C never worked, changed to O

– added Emulator Functions to keymapper:


– added ctl-X “Edit\Cut” to default keymap

– honor kb down key repeats when CTRL keys are mapped to operational


– added APPEND, CUT to keyboard mapper Edit/Paste choices

– added setting to prepend CR/LF to clipboard append data

– re-inserted ALT key up/down tracking for mouse mapper that was lost

when DCSi keymapper added



– put appropriate braces around structure data elements of array initializers

– changed prefix of #defines for trace buffer from TB_ to TBUF_

– added code for comment field in toolbar setup dialog

Version 1.30.049 (CD Release)


User visible changes:

– changed File\Print to go thru OnImagePrint() so that the preferences setting to buffer 1,2 or 3 pages will apply to menu and toolbar button print operations



Version 1.30.048 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed error in keyboard processing that would discard CTRL keystrokes when they were pressed before a previous key had been released

Version 1.30.047 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– added PF13-PF24 to Toolbar settings

– added Preferences setting to provide session name + time heading on Print screen operations

Version 1.30.046 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– changed a select flag clear operation that was preventing copy operations in the pop-up edit menu



Version 1.30.045 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed error in clipboard open/close logic that would leave it open and block clipboard access from the rest of the system

Version 1.30.044 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– allow multiple screen fields when using screen data to name file in startcapture()


Version 1.30.043 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– added Edit pop menu to mouse mapper

– mouse dragging can now be used to select a single character

– netsetup SettingsFileLocal functionality now works

– scripting screen capture commands enhanced to set timestamp enabling & left+right margin delimiter on captureimage(), use screen data when naming file in startcapture()



– initial support added for configuring the menu bar, currently uses .INI file for settings input

– replaced improper use of try/catch logic in screen capgure file open with return status checks


Version 1.30.042 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– added Euro character & ECECP reply support

– fixed mismapped 0xDD EBCDIC character in setds.cpp

– added string builder to keymapper for keys assigned as strings

–  added cross-windows-consistent printer list generation method tested by trying all flavors of EnumPrinters invocations on all supported windows variants

–  made some settings changes occur when exiting the Connect dialog using the Close button

– added Euro setting to HostPrinter setup dialog



– fixed return values in HLLAPI code for ApiReset, ApiSetParameters

– added character map diagnosis routine in setds.cpp

– changes to eliminate CeLogTraceFile knowledge of other classes


Version 1.10.041 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– removed host I/O logging facilities obsoleted by trace record/replay

– added script function ‘SetCloseOnDisconnect (TRUE|FALSE)




Version 1.10.040 (CD Release)


User visible changes:

– corrected improperly made fix in 5250 SaveImage() that corrupted screen



Version 1.10.039 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– DCSi key registration # was not showing up in Help\About

– AutoConnect setting now defaults to false ( more like E32 )



– OEM delivery required registry entry fixes for new Session Manager

– test for Enterprise product was not properly interpreting result of call



Version 1.10.038 (CD Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed typos in hostprint dialogs, clarified wordings

– fixed hang caused by not closing local file at end of file transfers

– fixed crash by increasing host I/O buffers to fit large IND$FILE buffers

– added Preferences setting to enable/disable 5250 column separators

– changed column separator to be 1/4 of char instead of full height

– fixed hostprint settings that were not loading from the saved values



– setup Alpha builds to keep install build process simple



Version 1.10.037 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed 2nd screen layout editor problem with 5250 field attributes

– fixed check for “/r” on command line to allow installations to complete

successfully for users needing evaluation extensions



– added single stepping to trace replay controls


Version 1.10.036 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed intial screen layout editor problem with 5250 field attributes

– fixed some dialog typos

Version 1.10.035


User visible changes:

– none



– fix configuration of builds other than E-TermIBM on Intel x86


Version 1.10.034 (Interim Release)


User visible changes:

– fixed a hang problem in IND$FILE transfers

– bugfix in SaveImage routine

– HostPrint enhancements

– Win2K and guest login bugfix

– fixed some dialog typos



– changed classnames back to originals to help when merging new code

– merged some VT200 NMT edits to fix bugs from merging only 3270/5250 edits

– changed back to original source code filenames to help when merging edits

– added some TN3270 state information to I/O Trace files

– enhanced trace replay capability


Version 1.10.033 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– changed Query Reply Character Set to use CECP character set definitions

– hotspot setup was not detecting PF/PA selection changes

– mouse selection operations were including the starting character cell but not in the initial highlighting

– added MBUTTONUP for middle mouse button that was never in windows message map

– Installer: relocated .ttf files for Terminal Servers


– added test-build settings to control use of Query Reply Character Set

Version 1.10.031 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– added setup compensation for left-handed windows mouse setting

– added hotspot highlighting as none/button/outline

– hotspot settings now initialize properly when loading sessions

– corrected cursor position sent for hotspot “send ENTER at field”

– inhibit highlighting of hotspot strings when in input fields

– changed hotspot “screen text” to allow sending text not in fields

– added large buffers and WSF to IND$FILE transfers


– added Query Reply Character Set to Query Response


Version 1.10.030 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– fixed erroneous tab movement when 5250 in insert mode

– prevent delivery of mouse single-click mappings on double-clicks

Version 1.10.029 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– allow selection of pre or post-RFC2355 transmittal of ATTN and SYSREQ keys

– completed initial support for hotspots

– corrected FieldExit right justification


– enhanced settings save/restore method

– connect compile/build to new DCSi libraries

– updated to new Session Mgr, Product Ctl and Enterprise compatibility

Version 1.10.028 (Interim Release)

User visible changes:

– fixed User Key Entry in  ‘About’ box to accept V1 keys

– reset insert mode on 3270 ‘reset MDT’ and 5250 clear unit ‘CU’

– modified IO response to host ack of ATTN & SYSREQ keystrokes so

that ‘supersession’ gets control when RFC3255 form of ATTN used

– trace replay now includes keystrokes


– initial hotspot support added to code but disabled for build

Version 1.10.027 (Final Release)

User-visible changes:

– improved host data replay by supporting Trace file playback

– changed 3270 keyboard mapping of PgUp and PgDn keys to PF7 and PF8

– fixed cursor field selection errors, submenu display bugs (Newark edits)

– Enterprise install (V2 key) now supported

Internal changes:

– HLLAPI function arguments sent to IBMAPI can use ‘short’ for function number

– disable FTP installation when eval key is in use

– added a log replay settings dialog, will eventually be Log Record/Play dialog

Version 1.10.023 (Final Release)

Internal changes:

– fixed an “#ifdef DEBUG” that was causing display errors because 3270 host input was being used in 5250 mode, error was never visible in release builds

– added call for setup to choose key version when using new key encoding library

– build procedure now uses project files instead of makefiles exported by MSDEV

– changed is_emul install support to use common keyencoding.lib

– fixed installation problems on original Windows95

Product Functionality Changes:

o Bug:

– fixed problem introduced by 5250 enhancement merge that caused connect dialog to lose 27×132 radio button setting after performing host connections

– change 3270 type 4 and 5 to report -E device names to host when extended mode is enabled so that extended attributes work

– fixed a fix that removed trailing cr/lf in blockmode select, but dropped last two characters of selection when not in blockmode

– re-created self-registering file group in installation that was removed when converted from E-Term32 product, the FTP tools were not being properly installed

– 5250 mode now functions in HostPrint

– Start Script toolbar buttons do not cause app fault when an assigned script file has been removed

o Feature:

– added ‘AutoReconnect’ option to session settings

– initial edits to add cut/paste to keyboard mapper, no right-click menu yet

– added our truetype font as a private font resource

– check box for ‘Enable TN3270E’ is now Extended Mode

– printer settings file dialog starts in IBM default directory ‘Sessions’

Version 1.10.021 (Final Release)

Merged initial enhancements for TN5250E to terminal and printer programs.

Allow a recording log file to open when not yet connected.

Added support for the Enterprise product bundle.

Version 1.10.020 (Final Release)

Moved the print buffer management out of the view into its own module while fixing a bug that created an exception every time the “print screen to buffer” operation was invoked, then enabled the functionality that was disabled in build 019 because of the crash.

Fixed radio buttons in the Session Manager / Connect dialog that did not clear to only a single selected button and added the screen row/column sizes to the TN3270 “Model #” button text.

Added support for preferred font stored in product directory.

Version 1.10.019 (Final Release)

Worked around bug in multiple print screen buffering to single printed page that was causing successive print output to start a screens worth of lines lower on each printed sheet, the buffering logic is still non-functional.  Fixed failure to save “local echo in NVT” setting by adding it to the global settings save.  Added a startup script file to the session settings, the script is run after connecting to the host if both settings are specified.

Version 1.10.018 (Final Release)

Fixed a problem that locked up the program when replaying PINNACLE.LOG.  The problem was caused by the host requesting an invalid cursor address (24,0) when the limits are actually (23,79).  The program would enter an infinite loop in the RepeatToAddress case in Tn3270HostInput function because IncCurrentColumn would wrap at (23,79) to (0, 0).

Version 1.10.017 (Final Release)

Incorporated latest TN3270E fixes from Nexus Integration. Also fixed Extended Mode flag in Connect dialog so that when enabled, the emulator does TN3270E emulation and when it is disabled, the emulator just does TN3270 emulation.  Fixed Windows 2000 “Failed to Load Document” crash when compiling on Service Pack 2 of VC++ which is different from the fix done in Build 016.

Version 1.10.016 (Final Release)

Fixed attribute problem for underlined text.  It is no longer underlined and reversed.  Changed default color map to match Hummingbird’s Host Explorer.  Removed remaining keyboard locks in hopes of fixing a problem for Mattel.  Fixed Windows 2000 “Failed to Load Document” crash.

Version 1.10.015 (Final Release)

Created Minisoft product split including Minisoft for IBM, MS3270 and MS5250.  Modified connect dialog to only display the TN3270 or TN5250 tab or both as is appropriate for each product.


Version 1.10.014 (Final Release)

Changed keyboard mapper to allow programming of the Control Keys.

Fixed Host Printer with some problems it had with the new TN3270E implementation.

Changed implementation for the ATTN and SYS REQ keys.  In earlier implementations the ATTN and SYS REQ commands to the host would lock the keyboard and display the progress bar in the status bar indicating that the emulator is waiting on the host.  Changed this functionality to simply send the command and resume normal operation.

Version 1.10.013 (Beta 2 Release)

Integrated TN3270E code from Nexus.  This change makes the 3270 emulation a complete TN3270E implementation.

Build 012 contained toolbar mapping problems.  Fixed in this release.

Version 1.10.012 (Beta 1 Release)

Integrated TN5250 code from Nexus.  Added keyboard support for the 5250 specific keys.  Added append to clipboard functionality through the Edit-Append menu command.

Version 1.00.010 (Final Release)

Fixed problem with keyboard mapping.  Build 009 and previous has Attention mapped to Shift-Print Screen and System Request was mapped to Print Screen.  Windows does not pass these keystrokes to the application.  The keys are now mapped to Control-F1 and Control-F2 respectively.

Added install code to display the NetServ.Doc file during installation to a network server.

Version 1.00.009 (Final Release)

Fixed problem with starting a new session from the session manager while the current session is connecting.  Before the fix was applied, the program would not launch a new instance while connecting.  Changed the functionality to launch a new instance if the current instance is connecting but not yet connected.

Deleted the “Custom” build type from the installation.  Now there are only two installation types, Typical which installs everything and Compact which does not include the IP Utilities.

Fixed problem with network installation.  The network server installation was not installing NetServ.txt and NetServ.doc.  Changed the install batch builder to correspond to the InstallShield folder.

Version 1.00.008 (Release Candidate 2)

Fixed new sessions configurations to enable default toolbar mappings for CLEAR, PA1, PA2, PF1, PF3, PF7 and PF8.

Removed accelerator key shortcuts that no longer work due to new key mapper.

New help file with proofing complete.

Cleaned up icons for Host Printer application.

Version 1.00.007 (Release Candidate 1)

Renamed [Product Name] Host Print to Host Printer to make the program OEM independent.

New help file added with more complete help.  Proofing not complete.


Version 1.00.006 (Release Candidate 0)

Include final help file.

Added code to support SetFileLocal variable in .INI file for network server installations.

Added support for graying out setup options when the session file is read-only.

Changed keyboard input so that it would not lock the keyboard when an invalid character was typed in a protected field.  Current functionality just beeps and keeps keyboard unlocked.

Changed Session Connect dialog so that the dialog will remain visible during a disconnect so a new connection can be defined.  Removed reconnect functionality.

Added Log Record/Replay functionality to capture all binary incoming data from the host for later replay.  Largely a debugging feature.

Version 1.00.005 (Beta 3)

Replaced key mapping dialog with visual key mapper.

Fixed connection bug where program would not complete host connection during first time connections and auto-connections.

Fixed bug in HostPrint application that made the application appear to hang after connecting to a host that did not support host printing.

Version 1.00.003 (Beta 2)

Replaced color dialog with visual color mapping system.

Version 1.00.002 (Beta 1)

Initial release