What is activeFORMz?

activeFORMz is a new platform for creating form-based applications that extend the capabilities of eFORMz. Create web apps, that transform static documents and workflows into dynamic, interactive environments by leveraging web browser functionality all without the need for complex programming.

Apps Showcase

The following Minisoft-developed apps can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business process or customized using activeFORMz to perfectly fit how your business runs.

To send forms generated with eFORMz to a specific directory, with the ability to render them to the screen for preview, use the Archive App.

Need to capture signatures from Android and iOS devices, and add them to a form? Look no further than the Document Signing App.

For the most part, your business process runs smoothly. Yet, every now and then, chaos strikes. Your printer jams in the middle of a large print job, damaging several forms or completely stopping the job in its tracks. If your printer doesn’t jam, it runs out of toner, making the print on your forms too faint to read. As if that weren’t enough, forms can easily get lost in the warehouse. On top of that, customers may misplace a form and like another one sent to them. Accidents happen, and when they do, you want to be able to hit a button and reprint the forms and labels you need. With Minisoft’s Reprint App, you can do exactly that.

Looking for a way to adjust your corporate branding and messaging, without marketing personnel having to learn eFORMz? Control the look and feel of your forms, with the Promotional Messaging App.

Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing ones. With Touchpoint, you’ll have confidence that customer inquiries will be handled quickly and effectively, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty while giving your sales and services teams a competitive edge. Designed for retailers and manufacturers with a strong customer service focus, Minisoft’s Touchpoint centralizes customer service requests, allowing companies to manage inbound emails, web form inquiries, share knowledge, and resolve customer issues.

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