Wayfair Dropship Packing List (8.5×11)

Minisoft has developed over 300 (and counting 😉) different dropship packing lists that are compliant with each retailer’s unique requirements. Using eFORMz, every drop ship packing list can be integrated with BlueCherryDynamics 365 (AX & NAV), Epicor, EnVista Unified Commerce, HighJumpInfor (SX.e & AX), JDA, Manhattan AssociatesNetSuite, Oracle JD Edwards, SAPSOLOCHAIN (Generix Group), TrueCommerce Nexternal and other warehouse management (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and order management (OMS) solutions.


The Wayfair Dropship Packing List is available in the standard 8.5×11 format. It has been approved by Wayfair.


How to Use eFORMz to Create Dropship Packing Lists

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