New Translation File Editor supports dynamic language translation
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—August 5, 2014—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generation, transactional email, CRM, two-sided thermal label and legacy connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the Translation File Editor.

An advanced eFORMz utility, the Translation File Editor extends eFORMz capabilities for handling foreign languages. Define key words and phrases so that when eFORMz encounters a particular word or phrase in a data feed it will automatically convert it to Chinese, French, Russian or any language you define.

The new eFORMz Translation File Editor is made up of columns and rows. Each column is a dictionary, and each row can contain a phrase. Every translation file has a base dictionary. The user enters rows to this dictionary with various phrases. From there, a number of dictionaries with the corresponding phrases in other languages may be added. There’s no limit to the number of dictionaries that can be added. Once the phrases and languages are set, eFORMz will look for the dictionary name and phrases in the data file, and translate them accordingly.

To take advantage of the Translation File Editor, upgrade to eFORMz Version 10.0 or download a free product demo at today!

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Headquartered in Snohomish, Washington, Minisoft is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering forms and label generationtransactional email and CRM solutions. Minisoft also produces connectivity and middleware tools for legacy business systems such as IBM iSeries and Hewlett Packard. Since 1983, Minisoft has prided itself on providing innovative software technology. Driven by the experiences and feedback of our customers, Minisoft continues to affirm its mission of delivering superior software solutions.

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