“Our defense contractor was in this week to do their Post Award Readiness audit. After reviewing our purchase order process and how all the requirements were being flowed down to the supplier they stated that we “had the best process they have ever seen.” As you know the Minisoft program plays a huge part in meeting their requirements easily and every time.”


Bob White
“We went live yesterday with eFORMz and it has been flawless, plus our back-office personnel that process orders LOVE the eFORMz product and it has simplified their job in many ways. I want to thank you for all of your help with this project. I had a deadline to meet and I would not have met that if it wasn’t for your help. Your customer service is superb and I can see you care for your customers- thank you.”


Doug Mason
IT Manager, Title Boxing
“We went live on our new QAD server yesterday and we’re proud to say it was a pretty seamless transition. That’s a strong testament to all of the efforts that were given. The IT profession can be a thankless job and it may be like a needle in a haystack but I wanted to send at least a few emails this week that weren’t about something not working. We appreciate all of your support.


Philip Booth
Chief Information Officer, New Horizons Baking Company