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Text to XML Reference

By using the Text to XML pre-processing feature, text can be “parsed” into XML for subsequent processing. This is especially useful when source data spans multiple pages. After conversion, the page structure is left behind so that the final output can include more or less pages than the source. The Text to XML conversion occurs when the Text to XML preprocessor is configured for a form template. The configuration includes a set of rules and definitions for locating, extracting and naming data elements from the original print output. It uses a collection of Lines, Parameters, States and EndStates to define how the source data is parsed into the XML output.



Text to XML Editor Introduction
Setting a Preprocessor for Text to XML Conversion

Getting Started Guide

eFORMz TXT to XML Guide: Getting Started
eFORMz TXT to XML Guide: Reset Line Number Count
eFORMz TXT To XML Guide: States
eFORMz TXT To XML Guide: State Loops

Lines and Parameters

Text to XML Line and State Viewer
Adding Lines & Parameters
Adding Lines & Parameters in the Text to the XML Editor
Troubleshooting with Lines & Parameters: Comments & Remarks
Troubleshooting with Lines & Parameters: Detail Lines
Troubleshooting with Lines & Parameters: White Space


What is a State?
Adding States in the Text to XML Editor
Troubleshooting with States

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions
Matches and Groups in the Text To XML Preprocessor


Setting a Sequence Number in Text to XML
Converting .scsa or scsz from EBCDIC into Unicode

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