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Working with XML Input

There a number of available posts about working with XML data, including:

Getting Started with XML
Node Data Block Variables (XML Input)
Processing XML Data that is Outside of XML Tags
Count the Number of Elements in an XML Variable
Paginating XML Data
Returning XML from a Project
Add or Count Values of XML Elements
Creating a Table Using XML Data
Concatenation of child elements
Output from Row Project
Record Element
Create XML

eFORMz treats XML data by creating variables using the node location in relation to parent or child elements in a data node tree. A reference on node data variables can be found here. Often, filters must be used when handling XML input. When using filters, Data Node is the ‘scope’ of the selection. Two Elements are required in Node Filter and Match Filter. A slash separates different Elements. Attributes are nodes also, but not Elements. Attributes are separated by the @ sign. This is shown in the image below:

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