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Multi-Byte Characters and Fonts

eFORMz supports multibyte character sets (MBCS) for various language requirements. For customers looking for TrueType fonts for specific language requirements, Minisoft recommends the following:

  • Arial Unicode (Arial Unicode.ttf) is a versatile font that is good for many languages. For more on Unicode characters in general, please visit the following posts: Unicode CharactersUnicode Blocks and Other Graphical Symbols
  • MingLiu (mingle.ttc) works for Traditional Chinese.
  • MS Mincho (msmincho.ttf) works for Japanese.
  • GulimChe (gulim.ttc) works for Korean.
  • Simplified Arabic Fixed (SARABIC.TTF) works for Arabic.

There are many other TrueType fonts that work for the above and other languages. Contact Minisoft Support for more details.

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