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GET Request (Reference)

Options for a GET Request Include:


Request Verb

The web request uses an HTTP element called a “verb”. The valid verbs for web services are either GET or POST.


The web service will be located at a URL. The URL may be either HTTP or HTTPS. It may be a fixed constant or used from a variable. The variable may be created from input data, read from a configuration file as a constant or any combination of the above included with function calls.

Output Data

The data returned by the web service can be accepted in either the URL Encoded or MIME-based formats. Both a POST verb and a GET verb will have output data.


Output Parameters (URL Encoded Output Data): The web service output parameter for URL Encoded output data will be in the form “tag=variable”. The tag, or label, can be a fixed constant or a variable. The variable can only be a form variable.


Response Data (MIME Output Data): There is no web service output parameter for MIME output data. Instead, the data that is returned is placed into a form variable selected from the Response Data drop-down menu.

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