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Create a multi-line variable

A multi-line variable is a variable of two or more lines of text. For example, the following address can be defined as a multi-line variable:

     Minisoft, Inc.
     1024 First Street
     Snohomish, WA 98290

If you use multiple variables or multiple constants to place consecutive lines of text, you must create a rule to place each line. Instead of creating a variable and corresponding rule for each line, create one variable that uses a concatenate function for each line. You can use one variable and one rule to place multiple lines of text. Complete the following steps to create a multi-line variable:

  1. Right click the form > Add Variable > By position and create a variable. Click OK.
  2. Right click the variable > Add Function > Concatenate.
  3. Type the text of the line, click Append newline, and click OK.
  4. Repeat sConcatenateteps 2 and 3 for each line you want to create.
  5. Right click the form > Add Rule > Place Text.
  6. Select the variable you created in Step 1 and click OK.
  7. Click Enable wordwrap.
  8. In Line Width, specify a length in decipoints that is longer than the longest line of text.
  9. Change other settings according to your project requirements.
  10. Click OK.

You must check both AppPlaceTextend newline in Step 3 and Enable wordwrap in Step 7 for the lines to print correctly.

Line Spacing: The default value is 0, which means the lines use the same line spacing that the form uses. If you use a different font for this text, the line spacing might require adjustment. The number is the number of decipoints for each line of text. A font size of 9 points should have at least 90 decipoints per line. A number larger than this will add white space between lines of text.

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