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Ship/FX: Pitney Bowes Onboarding

Consult the following page for more information on APIs and Ship/FX: API SSL Configuration for Ship/FX


  • Pitney Bowes Account
  • ShipperID (Customer Number)

*USPS Ship/FX transactions are through the Pitney Bowes API.

Setup USPS (Pitney Bowes) API Account

Consult the following PDF to implement Pitney Bowes/USPS: Pitney Bowes API Shipper/Merchant Registration and USPS Carrier Setup

Note: There will always be a ShipperID for sandbox and one for production. You will have to register for each environment separately.  Most of the time, you will only need a production account, and not a sandbox account, unless one is needed.

Once you have registered with Pitney Bowes, provide the following to Minisoft:

  • ShipperID production and/or
  • ShipperID sandbox

Production Notes:

Once Ship/FX is configured for production with Pitney Bowes, produce two sample production labels from Ship/FX. Scan images of the labels and send them to your Pitney Bowes representative. Once complete, void the shipping labels for postage credit, which can be done through Ship/FX.

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