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Process w/Director

From the Director Toolkit, select Print Services > Add > Process w/Director

Using PrintServices (eFORMzPrinter.jar), Process w/Director allows the user to make a web service call to the eFORMz Web Server to call the eFORMz Director service.

The Director WS URL is the url to the Director Web Service, i.e. https:///servlet/com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer.

The Director Host Address is “localhost”. It is for the connection from the Web Server to the Director, which is in-process if it’s localhost. The web server could be running on one machine and the Director running on another, in which case it would be the host address of the machine the Director is running on.

The Port would be 9996, which is the port for connections to the Director.

The User and Password are the authentication set up in Director Configure (default user is “minisoft” and default password is “password”).

The Configuration name is the configuration file name with the extension.

Queue refers to the name of the Director queue that should process this print file. Spaces would not be a problem in the queue name.

The following is an excerpt from a PrintServices.xml file. PrintServices.xml is a part of the eFORMz installation and it holds configuration of eFORMz printers. The excerpt below demonstrates a connection to localhost via https to use the Director service to call the Director on localhost.

<PrintService Name="P2"Directory="/Users/joegrimm/Minisoft/build/print/Printer2" FileName="collate.efd" ProcessWDirector="true" WebServiceUrl="https://localhost:8000/servlet/com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer" Host="localhost" Port="9996" User="minisoft" Password="ffff31353436383734343633393935ffff866e7474d98d1aa7aed506e213df0ee2" Configuration="eFORMzPrinters.cfg" Queue="Printer2"> <Option Name="Omit white rectangles" Value="Yes" /> <Option Name="Minimize Image size" Value="Yes" /> <Option Name="Max pages per output file" Value="2" /></PrintService>

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