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Viewer Controls

Zoom Control

Controls the zoom level for viewing. The view setting will display to the right of your zoom controller icons. To personalize your view settings, from the eFORMz Composer File Menu select System Properties: Viewer tab > Zoom Control.

Vertical/Horizontal Panes

Allows you to customize your Viewer panes to view horizontally or vertically your input and output data simultaneously. Use the Flip Pane button to switch the Viewer windows. If you wish to view only one pane, slide the pane separator to one side.

Color Control

Enables/Disables color display in the Input Data Viewer and Form and Data Viewer.

Drag Control

Allows you to lock down movable elements in the Form and Data Viewer. Default is unlocked.

Previous/Next Buttons

Allows you to move back and forth between data pages.

Row/Column Coordinates

The position of your mouse in the Form and Data Viewer. Coordinates based in decipoints.

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