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USPS Barcode missing on shipping label

It’s possible that a USPS barcode is missing on a shipping label because it’s set to the wrong DPI (dots per inch). Generally, shipping labels are generated by third-party providers to print at 203 DPI. At this resolution, the 34 digit bar code renders at just over three inches. To maintain the 15 mil. minimum bar width required by carriers for certification, eFORMz renders the barcode at 3.4 inches on 300 DPI printers. In some cases, third-party providers use left justification for the original barcode. eFORMz tries to meet the same positioning. As a result, there may not be enough white space or more commonly the barcode is missing.


To resolve this, center the barcode with a rule. A condition should be put on the rule so that it applies only when there is a barcode in that area. 

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