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Troubleshooting: The eFORMz Director Stopped Processing Data

Problem: The eFORMz Director stopped processing data.

Solution: Check these things first:

  • Is the computer connected to the network?
  • If the Director is picking up files from a network location, check that you are using a UNC path (\\hostname\sharename) and not a mapped driver letter. Verify that the eFORMz computer is a member of the domain, that the eFORMz service runs under Network Service, and that the folder where data files has the correct permissions.
  • Does the input directory contain files? Do the file names match the file criteria in the configuration file?
  • Is the Director running? Try restarting the Director. On Windows, restart the eFORMz service.
  • Still not working? Look at the log file in C:\Minisoft\eFORMz_6\log\ for information about what is going on.

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