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Troubleshooting Ship/FX Pack Station: Web Service Error 500 Issues

After installation, the Ship/FX Pack Station sometimes shows an error similar to the following.

In this instance, the error occurred when clicking the ‘SHIP’ button.
To find out more information about a Pack Station Web Service error: 500, look at the web.log in the eFORMz /log directory.

  1. The first line of the web.log shows the logging options selected, look at the third from the last number in parenthesis, and ensure the number is zero to log all messages:
    ****** Creating Log File (C:\Minisoft\eFORMz_6\log\web.log, false, 0, 10000000, null) ******
  2. NOTE: The web.log is sometimes quite long. To start a new web.log, restart the eFORMz service manager before troubleshooting.
  3. If the web.log shows a different message fence level than 0, modify the message fence using Web_Server_Configure.exe in the eFORMz directory.
  1. If changes to the logging configuration are required, the eFORMz ServiceManager 64 service must be restarted. [Windows key > type Ser> choose the services app.]
  2. Run the Pack Station again and view the web.log.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the web.log to see the most recent log entries.
  4. Look for the error, similar to below.
**** Web Server ****
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.AppServer.Session::doPost:-1 I/O Error
* projects\SHIPFXServer Work\IntegrationObjects\CustomerName\PackingList.efz (The system cannot find the path specified)
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer::doPost:-1 668922009953 closing
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.AppServer.Session::a:-1 ()
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer::doPost:-1 Session closed
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer::doPost:-1 Number of sessions opened = 0
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.webserver.WebServer::chunkingWriter:-1 size is 5261
(11/2/20, 12:49:51 PM) [0000000046:eFORMz-ServletHandler.handle.46] com.minisoft.webserver.WebServer::chunkingWriter:-1 sent 5261 bytes in 6 loops

In the sample above, the error occurred when clicking the SHIP button, so the issue is likely related to projects/CustomerName/GeneratePrintDocumentsAdapter.efz.

If details aren’t clear about where to look, a write to log statement in the GeneratePrintDocumentsAdapter.efz would help bracket the problem. The composer.log would be used for details about the .efz files, instead of the web.log.

In this case, changing the path of the ‘Load from Project Output’ procedure in the GeneratePrintDocumentsAdapter.efz to projects/CustomerName/PackingList.efz, where the Ship/FX default packing list resides, resolves the web error.

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