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Integrating a Third Party Shipping Solution into Manhattan WMi using eFORMz

Minisoft worked with the Manhattan WMi development team back in 2013 to integrate eFORMz with WMi. eFORMz is able to read a WMi OUTQ (spoolfile) for packing list/carton contents and shipment information. Shipment information can include such things as shipping address and an actual shipping label. These items all output in a single stream of information with WMi.

Third party shipping solutions can replace the shipping labels generated out of WMi. eFORMz will still use the shipment information generated out of WMi without the shipping label. eFORMz will make web service calls to the third-party shipping solution using the shipment information to retrieve the carrier-compliant shipping labels. eFORMz will match the shipping labels returned by the third-party shipping solution with the packing list information generated out of WMi and then generate an integrated outbound shipping document like a collate.

eFORMz can be configured to write back shipping related information back to the Manhattan WMi DB2 database through a JDBC connection. This information could include tracking numbers or shipping costs.

Third Party Shipping Solution Integrated with WMi


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