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Cubiscan Integration

Cubiscan is a cubing system for dimensioning, scanning and weighing. While many sites integrate Cubiscan directly to their warehouse management or resource planning systems, some of our customers want us to provide integration. This takes the form of an integration into one of the Cubiscan endpoints listed below. Alternatively, integration with Cubiscan dimensioners via the Ship/FX Pack Station may involve an executable (EXE) that writes a CSV file to a directory which is monitored.

Qbit Software Protocol

Cubiscan’s Qbit software protocol works with various business processes.


The most common method Ship/FX uses to integrate with Cubiscan is QBIT-DB. This application acts “as a data transfer tool or as a standalone solution for managing and utilizing Cubiscan data.” Ship/FX can retrieve data captured by a Cubiscan through a relational database query or via file-transfer, such as directory monitoring.


Ship/FX can integrate via web services, connecting to QBIT-WEB over http or https protocols to capture data.


Ship/FX can also integrate with QBIT-XFER, which is a HID/Keyboard connection.

For more details, contact Minisoft support.

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