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Creating Checks in eFORMz

eFORMz can be used to produce checks out of almost any ERP computer applications. These can be Accounts Payable, Payroll or other types of checks.

What you will need

1. Blank check stock or pre-printed checks. eFORMz can print to blank checks or pre-printed checks.

2. Laser printer with MICR toner cartridge. Checks can only be created with a special MICR toner cartridge which is available for most laser printers. Ordinary documents can also be printed with a MICR toner cartridge. Many customers will want to print a second copy of the check on plain paper. These paper copies can be printed using the MICR toner cartridge.

3. Minisoft recommends that any laser printer used to print checks has more than one paper tray. One tray can be used for check stock paper or pre-printed checks and one tray can be used for printing copies of the check on plain paper. Many customers use plain color paper to further distinguish the actual check from the copy. eFORMz can pull paper from different print trays. View the following post for details on configuring eFORMz for paper tray selection: Paper Tray Selection

eFORMz has many options for check printing. eFORMz can keep track of check print numbers. Signatures can be printed on each check automatically. Multiple signatures can be required and restrictions can be placed on check signatures based on the dollar value of the check. A physical signature or signatures can be required if the value of the check is over a certain value. For some eFORMz examples, view some samples below.

Generic Check

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AP Check

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