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eFORMz Preprocessors

eFORMz Version 11.02 includes the following preprocessors.
A preprocessor can change the input data before any other processing happens. The preprocessors are run sequentially from first to last, and the sequence is sometimes an important consideration.

  • Macro Insert: Inserts a macro into the data file.
  • Skip until a string is found: Ignores string commands until the specified string is found. Specify the number of occurrences the specified string should be skipped.
  • Replace occurrences of a string: Replaces a specified string with another.
  • Multiple replace occurrences of a string: Replaces multiple strings with another.
  • Command parsing: For custom command parsing.
  • Sequential Line Marker: Marks incoming data based on a search criteria.
  • Text file pagination: Searches for a string in a particular column and then issues a formfeed ( \f ) at the beginning of that line.
  • Flat File Parser: Ability to parse as input comma delimited (CSV) or EDI-formatted files.
  • Text to XML Converter: Converts text files to XML.
  • JSON Preprocessor: Assign an SQL root for the JSON data.
  • SQL Result Set: The result set of an SQL statement that you specify is passed in XML format to the next preprocessor or to the main project.
  • Project: Processes the data file with a project. The output of the project is passed in EFD format to the next preprocessor or to the main project.
  • Character Set Translator: Change from one character set to another.
  • Insert a string: Insert a string at a particular byte location.
  • JetForm IFD File Parser: Enter .ifd information to parse JetForm .ifd files.

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