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Write data to an IBM (WebSphere) MQ Message Queue

eFORMz can read files from an IBM (WebSphere) MQ Message Queue. Options are shown below.

Values currently defined for reading from Queue “Q2”

Based off of the values defined for reading from Queue “Q2”, a simple command within an eFORMz output can be implemented to send the data to a Queue “Q1” on the same server using the string shown below.

java -jar eSubmit.jar -i %0 -mq nectarine;1414;MY_SVRCONN;QM_TEST;Q1 -mqm XML
java -jar eSubmit.jar -i %0 -mq {host};{port};{channel};{queue manager};{write-to queue} -mqm {file extension} 

The data can be any output from eFORMz. This includes text, XML, JSON, PCL, ZPL, etc.

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