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Troubleshooting: The printer I want to print to is not listed

Problem: You want to print to a printer that is defined in eFORMz, but you do not see it in the list of available printers.

You can see the list of defined printers from the eFORMz Composer by clicking Host Tools > Local Director Toolkit > Printers tab. You can see the list of available printers from Composer by clicking Run > Print and clicking in the Printer field.

If a printer in the list of defined printers is missing from the list of available printers, you might have one of two conditions that the following solution should fix.

Solution: Restart the Composer or reload your Printers.xml file.

Restart the Composer if you added a printer to eFORMz through the Director. Close all open Composer windows, and then start the Composer, which picks up the list of printers when it starts.

Reload the Printers.xml file if you still do not see the printer you are looking for:

  1. Click Programs > eFORMz > Management > Director > Director Configure.
  2. Click Display Printer Configurations.
  3. Click Reload > Save > Return > Exit.

The printer should now be available.

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