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Troubleshooting: One file did not print, but others print normally

Problem: One or more data files did not print, but other files print normally.

Solution: This can happen because of a corrupted file or an interrupted network. However, more often this problem is caused because the data did not meet any of the conditions on any of the forms in the project. As a result, the log reports “Printing complete”, but no pages were sent to the printer.

For example, if you have a form USAOrders and a second form CANOrders, for orders being shipped to USA and Canada, respectively, each form should have a condition on the destination country so that orders sent to the USA are printed with the USAOrders form, and orders sent to Canada are printed with the CANOrders form. If an order has a destination of Mexico, both conditions fail, and nothing is printed. In such a case, you have two choices to resolve the problem:

  • Add Mexico as a possible destination country to one form or the other, in compliance with your business requirements. For example, add Mexico to the condition on the CANOrders form so that this form is used for orders that go to Canada or Mexico.
  • Add a third form, MEXOrders, whose condition is a destination country of Mexico.

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