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Troubleshooting: No Items to Log

If you are expecting print or file output from eFORMz, but find none, the first step is usually to look at the log files. You might find messages that include the message No Items to log, like this:

0000001175 (1/24/19 3:28:11 PM) Using Project: PrintRetailer_ADV
0000001175 (1/24/19 3:28:11 PM) Processing with eDIRECT
0000001175 (1/24/19 3:28:11 PM) No Items to log
0000001175 (1/24/19 3:28:11 PM) Processing complete

This message indicates that eDirect has nothing to output based on the rules and conditions that the project includes. That is, the data does not meet any of the conditions that the project contains.

If you expect output based on the data and conditions, eFORMz might be having difficulty interpreting variables defined in a form that you are using to output a file name, set a condition, or some other required value. When the variable does not resolve correctly, eFORMz has nothing to output–and no items to log.

Use global variables and not variables that are defined within a form to set output file names or conditions in eDirect to avoid these variable problems.

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