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Troubleshooting: File in Use

Problem: The eFORMz Director Toolkit is configured to pick up file from a network share, but the files are not picked up. The log says “File in use”, but the file not in use.

          **** Queue Monitor Warehouse for \\dcapp3\test2 ****
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM)   Message fence = 0
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Queue Monitor Started ******
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Checking ******
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) File in use: \\dcapp3\test2\P1010001_0925_1017.J402090
0000000186  (9/25/18 10:26:48 AM) ****** Sleeping ******

Solution: First, verify the following conditions:

  • Only one instance of the Director Toolkit is reading files from the remote location.
  • The file is not locked by any other application.

After verifying these conditions, open the Service Properties window for the eFORMz ServiceManager service and click the Log On tab:

The Local System account should not be selected if the Director Toolkit is picking up files from a network share. This account is only for operations on the local system. Complete these steps to change the account the eFORMz ServiceManager uses:

  1. Click This account > Browse.
  2. Enter Network Service and select the Network Service account. Alternatively, if your security policy permits, you can specify an account that has access to network resources.
  3. Click OK > OK.
  4. Close all eFORMz windows.
  5. Restart the eFORMz service.

If the problem persists, please contact Minisoft Support at 800 682 0200.

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