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Troubleshooting a Database Connection

Problem: Your database connection is not working.

Solution: A database connection can fail for a number of reasons. These basic troubleshooting steps resolve common issues. Pay close attention to the error, which can help narrow the cause of the problem.

  • On the database server, verify the database is available, you are using the correct credentials, and the ID you are using is authorized to query the database.
  • In the eFORMz Composer, verify your database connection definition is correct. See Supported URL and Driver Classes for details.
      1. Open your project in the eFORMz Composer.
      2. Right click the project > Databases, click the database connection that failed, and click Edit.
      3. Click Test.
  • On the database server, verify that TCP/IP has been correctly configured, and that you are connecting to the correct port. TCP/IP configuration details specific to SQL Server are at Also make sure that open connections are available.

“Database Connection Error”: This error typically indicates that a .jar file is missing or the driver class in the database connection is incorrect. A typo in the driver class can result in this error.

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