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SMTP Monitor Queue

Name: A name for the SMTP Monitor Queue.

LocalAddr: aka BindAddr, same usage as NetPort listener. When a computer used as an eFORMz server has more than one IP address, this will limit the NetPort Listener to a single address rather than all addresses.

Port: The socket that gets created is bound to the specified LocalAddr/Port (default is 25 if not specified).

Timeout: Socket read timeout. Default is 30s. When an application connects to the SMTP Monitor Queue, Director will wait up to the timeout value to read in the incoming data.

mailDomain: Mainly for logging purposes. 

matchCidr/matchHost: Allows you to set filters for hosts who can connect/send to eFORMz SMTP Port Monitor. The first one use IPv4 CIDR format, the 2nd uses IPv4 addresses.

smartAddr: This is the host address of the actual SMTP server that will actually send the email This maps to java’s property. So for example, this could be the

smartUser: Username of user authorized to send email through SMTP Server.

smartPwd: Password of user authorized to send email through SMTP Server.

threadMax/threadMin: Number of worker threads to listen/process the queue.

KeepCopy: Same as Netport counterpart: Force the SMTP Queue Monitor to write a copy of the uniquely named input data to a file as defined by the path string given (if any). This is an option used in initial setup to get snapshots of data.

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