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Ship/FX Connect Configuration: Add Printer

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge


Install Ship/FX Connect with the default options. Once installed, get the service running. This is done by accessing the ShipFXConnect folder in the Start Menu and selecting the “eFORMz_ShipFXConnect – Create” item.

Verify that the “eFORMz_ShipFXConnect” service is now available and run the service.

Add Printer

Access the printer configuration page at: http://localhost:8081/configure/

Click on the Connect button below to display a list of connected devices.

The connected devices will display in the “Printer” drop-down menu.

Select a printer from the drop-down menu and in the “Type” field enter the printer type (pcl or zpl). Note: the field is case-sensitive. Make sure “pcl” or “zpl” is entered.

Select Add Printer. The printer will display in the “currentprinters” field.

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