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Row Output: Project D

Project Files: Rowout Project Files

Project D calls upon Project C from “Row output from project”. The difference between “Project output” and “Row output from project” is that “project output” happens in a cell, instead of a row.

If you are returning data back from a project into a cell, then you will not be able to have another set of data start directly after it. It will then start on the next page. If you do the output from “Row output from a project”, then you will be able to have the data start right afterwards.

Project D is sending the input variables of SKU and QTY. They are concatenated into single strings with \n’s for each PO. So if there are 2 POs there will be an array, SKU, of 2 strings and an array, QTY, of 2 strings.

Please view XML Data Node to view the process of concatenation of child elements’ data.

The “Row out from project” will repeat on the variable PONBR, which is an array of two, so it will repeat two times. The input parameters for this project will be the variables SKU and QTY, which are also an array of two. The first time this project is called it will have the input parameters of SKU(0) and QTY(0).

The input format means that the project you are calling will receive the input data in that form. In our example we have PCL.

The character set is set to Raw, which is the raw data, but you could have it set to EBCDIC to included characters from other languages, such as Chinese.

Please see the example projects for more details. Deactivate “Row output from project” and active “Row:Call ProjectC” to see the differences.

Row Output: Project C

Output From Row Project

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