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Right & Left Trim

Trim extra blank spaces from the right or left of a Variable using the Right and Left Trim Functions.

Basic Implementation

1. From the eFORMz Data Viewer, select the data you would like to apply a trim format to.
2. Once the string of characters has been selected, right click and select Add Variable.
3. The Variable dialog box will display. Enter a name and click OK.
4. The new variable will appear in the Project window. Right click the Variable and select Add Function > Left Trim (or Right Trim).
5. Select the newly created variable from the Project window. Right click and select Add Rule > Place Text.
6. The Rule Properties dialog box displays. Enter a new name and click OK.
7. Without changing the horizontal and vertical positions, click OK.
8. The string adjustment will display in the eFORMz Viewer Form Viewer.


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