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Process Input Files Serially

The Director Toolkit’s Input Directory window includes a checkbox that is labeled Process input files serially.

Requirement: The queue must process files that match the File Selection criteria. Other types of queues that do not use a file selection cannot process files serially.

An input queue begins by getting the list of files in the queue.

  • With Process input files serially not checked, the entire list is passed to the file selector. Sorting by file name and additional file selectors are possible.
  • With Process input files serially checked, each file is passed to all the data file selectors before the next file in the list is passed. Sorting by file name is not possible because only one file at a time is available. Similarly, IBM iSeries out queues have additional selectors that can associate two or more spool files, but this association is not possible when the files are processed serially.

Age and size file selectors are always available for input queues.

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