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Post Data to eFORMz via a Web Service Call

Beginning with Version 10, eFORMz can call a web service to post data to a queue. The following sample URL shows how to form the request:




If you include “&ProcessData=true”, the web service wakes up the queue monitor (if it is sleeping) to process anything in the queue immediately.

Any data sent as content is put in a file in the named queue. The Director must be running the named configuration and must be accessible to web services. You can use any content type except “text/plain”. There’s no need to specify the content type. If you use “text/plain” it tries to parse it for parameters and if you use “text/xml” it tries to parse it for a Service Configuration xml file.

base URL


parameter to AppServer


Parameters for Director Service

Start the Director


Which host


Authentication for Director


Toolkit file *Must be started with -ac parameter


Queue name in toolkit file


File name for POSTed data


Wake a sleeping queue


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