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OLE DB – How do I create a ConnectionString?

A ConnectionString (or Provider String, or Extended Properties – depending on what application you are running) consists of the driver specific properties separated by semicolons. At the very least it needs to consist of ServerPort, logon information, and database and/or schema file references. For example:


Property Description
Server IP Address or Host Name
ServerPort Port the server process is listening on. The default port is 30009
ServerType 0=MPE/iX  1=Unix  2=Windows. Default is 0.
IgnoreUIDPWD When set (numeric value of 1), values passed in the connection string for user or password do not supersede the value provided in the DSN or connection string. Use only if your applications passes default values that are not related to your host system. ie passing the windows user name to an MPE system.  Default value is 0.
ImageDatabase# The format is: <database name>,<database password,<automatic masters 0=No 1=Yes>,<database open mode>,<append TPI suffix 0=No 1=Yes>ImageDatabase0=track,WRITE,0,1,0
Schema# The format is: <schema name>, <lockword>
SecurityPassword Security3000 password
AutoCommitDefault ON/OFF  Default is ON
BigIntAsChar YES/No  Default is NO
CenturySplit For dates with only the year, if the date year is less than the CenturySplit year, the century will be set to 20 or else 19.
DecimalPoint Default: “.”
DisableTxns Default: NO.  This only needs to be set to YES if inserting more than 1000 records in a single transaction.
ItemLocking Default: ENABLED.  Set to DISABLED to force set level locking
LockRetries Default: 1.  Suggested value is 20 if doing inserts and updates.
ServerType Default: 0.  0=HP3000  1=Unix
StandardJoins Default: YES
TraceFileName Path name to the log file.
TraceLogFlush Default: 0.  Set to 1 if tracing is turned on.
TraceLogLevel Default: 0.  While the range is 1 to 7, use 7 when creating a trace file.
TraceSysLevel Default: 0.  The range is 1 to 3. On Windows the error is written to the Application Event log.  On Unix to syslogd.
WarningsAreErrors Default: NO.
MaxCacheSize Default: 10240
MaxWriteSize Default: 16384

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