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ODBC Front Page Database Connector

The three basic files needed to get started are shown in the next sections. This sample provides instructions in creating a query form that can be used to retrieve information from your Image database using most browsers and Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Server) and FrontPage.

Download this sample: HTTP

The HTX file

  1. Create the results (.htx) page.
  2. The field (Image Item) names appear in place of the <%name%> sequences in the result form


  1. Use the saved form when creating the (.idc) file.

The IDC file

  1. Create an Internet Database Connector file using the wizard


  1. Reference the DataSource that is configured on the server as a System DSN.
  2. Enter the SQL statement for the query with a reference to the query form field that will be substituted in when the query is executed.


  1. Assign a default value if needed


The HTM file

  1. Create a page with a simple query form


  1. Set ‘Internet Database Connector’ as the Form Handler type.ODBC_n02
  2. Enter the name of an Internet Database Connector File:
  3. ODBC_n03

  4. Set the name and properties of the query form text box.
  5. ODBC_n07

 How this sample appears:


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