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Minisoft 92 File Transfer Between HP3000 Host and PC Fails – File NOT Downloaded

Problem: When transferring (downloading) a file from the HP3000 host computer and a PC the file transfer starts working and then times out with o bytes transferred.

Possible Cause: All versions of Minisoft 92 for Windows or Apple include a host program called WS92LINK. This host program must be present on the HP3000 host system for a file transfer to work. In addition, the WS92LINK host program must be a version that works with the Minisoft 92 terminal emulator being used.

Solution: If WS92LINK is not present on the HP3000 host, install it by selecting Install Host Program. If you think the wrong version of WS92LINK is on the HP3000 host then PURGE it and reinstall using the Minisoft 92 Install Host Program option.

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