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Media Format

The “Media” Project Property is designed to place logical output page(s) on a physical page. Uses would be to arrange logical pages ( n-up ) on a physical page or to rotate a logical page on a physical page. When “Media” is set at “Default” the physical page is the same as the logical.

Example: Avery Labels

When defining a media format, think of each panel as a page. You are defining the Top and Left position of that virtual page on the logical page. Since there are 30 labels on the page, there are 30 virtual pages defined. The project just does page processing. Again, these pages can be physical or virtual pages. In the example, sample XML data and the Document Template are used to create the output. Each page of output is placed on the next virtual page defined in the media format until the physical page is filled. The panels defined need not cover the entire physical page. If you delete half the panels, top or bottom, or every other one, only the remaining panels would have data before advancing to the next page.


Download Files

File Comments
CatLabels_3.efz Project using the “Avery 5960” Media
Labels-sample.txt Data file
eFORMzCfg_Avery_Labels.xml User Config file defining the “Avery 5960” Media.  Other Avery label formats can be added to the file. This file should be placed in your Minisoft\eFORMz_6 folder.
eFORMzCfg_User.xml This file should be placed in your Minisoft\eFORMz_6 folder.

Note – If you already have an eFORMzCfg_User.xml file, just add the following line to it:

<File Name="eFORMzCfg_Avery_Labels.xml"/>


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