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Lexmark C6160 Firmware and Settings

Your Lexmark C6160 printer might have the following problems if the firmware is not updated:

  • Faded Printing: When the printer transitions from one tray to the next, prints from the secondary tray appear faded or partially printed on the first label.
  • Misfeeds
  • Jamming – Eco Mode minimizes the use of energy, paper or specialty media (such as DuplexPackSlip labels). Setting Eco Mode to “Energy” or “Paper” may slow the printer output speed, which reduces the probability of jamming.

Minisoft recommends firmware CSTPP.041.213a for the Lexmark C6160 printer.  This firmware update corrects a print quality issue that occurs when transitioning between paper trays on the Lexmark C6160 laser printers. Lexmark determined that this document fade was occurring during the transition time moving from feeding a consumable from tray 1 to feeding a consumable from tray 2.

The official PE release firmware with the fix for the print fade issue is now available and can be downloaded directly from Lexmark at the link below:

Lexmark C6160 Firmware Update

If you update to this firmware and still experience problems, please investigate the following issues:

  • Did you recently move to a new batch of labels?
  • Are you fanning multiple sides of labels before loading them into the printer?
  • Are labels stored in a cool, dry location?

You can find your printer’s settings at http://<IPAddress>/#/Settings/Print, where you subsitute <IPAddress> with the IP address of your printer.

Check your Lexmark C6160 Serial number

The Lexmark serial number is available from the IP address administrative interface. Ours is here:

  1. Open
  2. Click Device information.

For example, if the device has a serial number of 5063750010GXH, it indicates that it was manufactured the 50th week of 2017, the 7 being 2017 and the 50 being the week. This device should already have the new sensor in it. Anything higher than 744 has the new aperture installed.

If the printer’s S/N# is before xxxx744*xxxxxx, install the aperture.

This aperture  was permanently implemented in production on most units before week 44 of 2017. Counting from the left, this date code is embedded in the S/N by digits 67, & 8. Any printer manufactured with a date code higher the 744 will already have the aperture installed at the factory.

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