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Keep Empty Lines in the Document Template

Let’s say you have a variable scrape picking up a block of data and you want to keep a blank line in the block. There are two methods for accomplishing this.

Repeat the element on a repeating variable

One option is to repeat the element on a repeating variable that has no blank entries. You can construct one, using various techniques. One technique is:

  1. Use the EPP_GetArraySize.efz or EPP_GetTotalArraySize.efz utility project to get the size of an existing array, presumably the one containing the data you want to display.
  2. Call the EPP_CreateArray.efz utility project to create your reference array, using the InitValue parameter to specify some non-blank value, like “.”.

Use this reference array as the repeating variable on the Document Template.

Download the aforementioned projects here: Array

Concatenate \n, new variable, bulk concatenate

Another option is to concatenate a newline, add a new variable and use bulk concatenate. To view a sample project, download the following: Keep Blank Line

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