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JDBC – Java™ .jar files

A brief look at the different jar files and the supporting libraries.


As currently available, JDBC from Minisoft can be deployed in a variety of combinations. The same Java code you write can be used in each of these situations without modification.


  1. Used in a three tier distribution commonly as a browser applet.
  2. Requires a running 3KMidTierListener.  This can run on any supported system accessible to the HP e3000s IP network.


  1. Used in two tier applications.
  2. Requires a local copy of the 3kjdbc shared library. If not currently available for a platform, contact your salesman about scheduling the porting.


  1. Win32 – 3KMidTierListener.exe
  2. Also available for HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux.

3kjdbc shared library

  1. Win32 – 3kjdbc.dll
  2. HP-UX –
  3. Solaris –
  4. Linux –

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