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Isolate one line of a multi-line variable

Capturing an area of text from a file that includes multiple lines creates an arrayed variable with each line being an element in the array. For example, the following lines are captured in the variable, CustName:

The email address might not be on the same line for every record, so capturing the email address and setting an EmailAddress variable takes a couplesteps.

  1. Create a variable EmailAddress to hold the value.
  2. Create a Set Variable procedure. Enter a name for the procedure and use the variable that contains multiple lines. This example uses CustName:          
  3. In the Set Variable window, select the EmailAddress variable. The EmailAddress variable has a value of the last line of CustName.
  4. To capture the email address, right click the procedure > Add AND Condition > Contains. Make sure the CustName variable is selected. In the value field, type the at sign (@). We know that every email address includes an at sign, and addresses in our data do not contain at signs.
  5. The condition requires that the value must include the at sign, which populates the email address to the variable EmailAddress:

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