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Licensing eFORMz

If your eFORMz license is expired, please contact Please send an email with your eFORMz.xml file attached.

eFORMz licenses are only valid for the system that for which they were originally licensed. License files are not interchangeable and cannot be used on different systems that run eFORMz.

eFORMz is licensed by the number of printers. If you configure more printers in eFORMz, you will receive a message that your license does not support that number of printers. Contact Minisoft Sales to purchase additional printers for your license.

An eFORMz license is not transferable to other servers. You must have a current annual support contract to transfer a license. Minisoft must sign the eFORMz license file, eFORMz.xml, from the new server and deactivate the old license from the old server. Minisoft can provide a temporary license to provide you with a buffer period for testing and verification. A helpful resource is Best Practices: Migrating eFORMz to Latest Version. If you are new to eFORMz, you must upgrade your demo license to a permanent license.

Licensing eFORMz involves sending the Minisoft Support ( an email message with the eFORMz.xml license file attached, as discussed in Getting Started Guide: eFORMz. After downloading eFORMz, in the newly created Minisoft\eFORMz_6 folder, locate the eFORMz.xml file and send it to Minisoft Support for activation. iSeries installations require a few additional steps, which you can read about in  License eFORMz on an AS/400 (iSeries) system.

Why did my permanent license expire?

Some system updates to Windows systems, especially Windows 10, can change the internal system data that eFORMz uses to confirm the license with Minisoft’s license server. Rebuilding your server or moving to a new domain can also cause the license to report that it expired. Send your eFORMz.xml file to, explain what happened, and we put these requests at top priority.

How can I confirm that my license is good?

  • In the eFORMz Composer, click Help > About Minisoft eFORMz. The message will include the license status.
  • Run the following command from \Minisoft\eFORMz_6 (Windows) or /minisoft (non-Windows) to display the license status:java -jar Run.jar – com.minisoft.Check
  • Expired licenses will include a notice in the log files. (Windows: \Minisoft\eFORMz_6\log. Non-Windows: /minisoft/log.)

Licensing Process

To get a new instance of eFORMz licensed:

  1. After downloading a new instance of eFORMz, send an email to with your eFORMz.xml file attached. This can be found in your c:/Minisoft/eFORMz_6 directory (Windows) and explain what it is to be licensed for.
  2. After the license file has been received, replace the old license file with the new one.
  3. Close all eFORMz windows and restart the eFORMz service so the new license can be picked up.

To extend a demo license, email

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