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Error when sending external email addresses

Errors sending email messages to external addresses might be resoved with the following steps.

  1. Pass the following information on to your email or network server administrator. Let her know that you are not able to send out emails from the Java application in eFORMz to an external email address (if internal messages can be sent). The following information is from the Java website:
    Thru my java application I am able to send mails only to internal account not to other account like yahoo rediff hotmail etc. Here is the Exception:DEBUG SMTP SENT :QUIT
    service error javax.mail.SendFailedException:Sending failed;
    nested exception is:
    javax.mail.SendFailedException:Invalid Addresses;
    nested exception is:
    javax.mail.SendFailedException:550 not local host, not a gateway;
    For this problem I got answers from jgurus saying your mail server is not configured for external mail.
    Q: When I try to send a message, why do I get javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 Unable to relay for my-address?
    A: This is not a JavaMail problem. This is an error reply from 
    your SMTP mail server. It indicates that your mail server is not 
    configured to allow you to send mail through it. Typically, mail 
    servers for an organization will be configured to allow mail from 
    within the organization to be sent to other addresses within the 
    organization, or to addresses external to the organization. It 
    will also typically allow mail coming from an address external 
    to an organization to be sent to addresses within the organization. 
    What it will typically not allow is mail coming from an address 
    external to the organization to be sent (relayed) to another address 
    also external to the organization. The configuration of the mail 
    server determines whether such relaying is allowed, and which 
    addresses are considered internal vs. external.
  2. Your mail server is not accepting relays from your appserver IP address. Go to your SMTP server and set it to accept relays from the IP address where you are executing JavaMail. Microsoft Exchange is easy to set this up, but every SMTP server has an allowed relay IP address list. For information on Exchange Server 2007 setup, click here.

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