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Emailing Purchase Orders-Invoices from Ecometry (JDA/Red Prairie) with eFORMz

Why the need to configure?

JDA/RedPrairie (formerly Ecometry) purchase order output for emailing, contains little formatting of its data and no ability to add a purchase order or invoice form to the data output for emailing. With eFORMz, a JDA/RedPrairie client can now utilize the RedPrairie output to format the data, add a form, and email a PDF file to their vendors.

Configuring eFORMz for JDA/RedPrairie’s Purchase Order output

To configure JDA/RedPrairie’s purchase order output for emailing using eFORMz, a JDA/RedPrairie user must be on version 8.03 or later of eFORMz. With the eFORMz installation, a sample purchase order template will be made available. Also included, is a sample purchase order template (Rich Text Format) that can be edited and refreshed to your company look and feel.

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