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Handling memory exceptions in eFORMz

When initially configured, eFORMz does not take all the memory on a server. In most cases the default memory limit is only one or two GB (on 32 or 64 bit operating systems respectively).

The Java parameters that control memory use are -ms and -mx, sometimes used as -Xmx and -Xms. 

The “-ms” parameter controls the starting memory used. It will be the minimum amount of memory eFORMz will use. Java will not be able to start if this amount is not available.

The “-mx” parameter controls the upper limit Java will use on a system. The memory is not all used at startup. It is taken by Java as more memory is needed and will be released to system use when no longer in active use. For 32 bit systems, this amount of memory must be available for Java to start. The 64 bit Java will start even if the value is greater than the amount available.

Most installations of eFORMz will work correctly at the default values. As additional threads or high resolution graphics are used, additional memory may need to be allocated through this setting.

The default settings for 64 bit Windows are:

param00 = -mx2048M
param01 = -ms512M

In heavy use situations:

param00 = -mx8G
param01 = -ms2G

For extreme situations use :

param00 = -mx12G
param01 = -ms6G

[keywords: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError OutOfMemoryError Java heap space]

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