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Command File Processor

Script Example

java -jar Run.jar - com.minisoft.HostTools.Local.eFORMz -d c:\Minisoft\eFORMz_6\input -f *.dat:rename -p project.efz -t PrinterA


In this example, the java executable is assumed to be in the path of the dos shell. The printer name is PrinterA as defined in the Printers.xml file. The project file (project.efz) is in the current directory.

-v Log to stdout
-l <filename> Log to new
-a <filename> Append log to
-g <number> Log priority fence
-d <directory> Specify input directory
-f <filename[<disposition>] Specify file selection and optionally disposition
-p <project> Specify project
-t <printer> Print (Black and White PCL)
-tc <printer> Print (Color PCL)
-tp <printer> Print (Postscript)
-o <filename> Output to file
-u <basefilename> Output to file with unique name
-e <basedirectory> Process with eDIRECT
-x <command> Execute external command after output
-c <directory>;<filemask>;<copy to directory> Copy files after output
-r <directory>;<filemask> Delete files after output
-n <directory>;<filemask>;<printer> Print files after output


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