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Adding a Remote iSeries Queue to a toolkit configuration file

You can access spool files on remote iSeries systems from any systems, including iSeries, Unix, and Windows, by using the Remote iSeries Queue option of the eFORMz Director Toolkit.

Prerequisite: You must first complete the configuration procedure in Director Setup.

Adding a Remote iSeries Queue

  1. Open an existing toolkit configuration file or creating a new file.
  2. Right click the file name > Add Input > Remote iSeries queue. Alternatively, you can click the configuration file name and click Add > Remote iSeries queue.riq5
  3. Type a name for the queue. This name is used in Director utilities and the log files.
  4. Type the host name or IP address of the target system.
  5. Type the user ID and password of an identity permitted to access the OUTQs and spool files of the target system.riq2
  6. Put the curor in the Password field and press Tab twice to start a connection to the remote system. The Input Queue list box is populated with the values found.riq3
  7. Select an input queue. Additional options can be selected. These options are covered in the Director Setup page.
  8. Click OK to add one or more file selectors.riq7
  9. The File list will be populated with the names of spool files that currently exist in the queue for your convenience. Ensure the proper Format is selected for the type of file.riq4
  10. You can select additional options. These options are covered in Director Setup.

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